What do you call people from different states? A list of resident nicknames

List of nicknames for state residents​

Think you know the nicknames for people who live in different states? Let’s find out!

What do you call a person from Connecticut?

A. Nutmegger
B. Highlander
C. Butternut
D. Buckeye

If you chose nutmegger (A), you’re correct! The official term for this type of nickname is demonym. And as you just found out, some of them aren’t always obvious. Below, you’ll find a list of resident nicknames for each state (plus some nicknames for specific regions and territories of the United States). So whether you’re moving to a new state and want to know what to call yourself and everyone else, or you’re just looking to add to your trivia knowledge, we’ve got you covered.

Person making a list with pen and paper of state nicknames to see what you call people from different states.


Common state demonyms

  • Alabama: Alabamians, Alabama, ‘Bamer
  • Alaska: Alaskan, Ice Chipper, Inuit/Inuk, Aleut/Aleutian, Haida, Inupiaq
  • Arizona: Arizonan, Arizonian, Sand Cutter
  • Arkansas: Arkansan, Arkie, Arkansawyer
  • California: Californian, Californiac, Californio
  • Colorado: Coloradan, Coloradoan
  • Connecticut: Connecticuter, Connecticotian, Connecticutian, Nutmegger
  • Delaware: Delawarean, Muskrat
  • District of Columbia: Washingtonian
  • Florida: Floridian, Floridan
  • Georgia: Georgian
  • Hawaii: Hawaiian, Malihini, Kama’aina, Islander
  • Idaho: Idahoan, Idahoer
  • Illinois: Illinoisan, Illinoian, Illinoyer, Illini
  • Indiana: Indianian, Indianer, Hoosier
  • Iowa: Iowan, Hawkeye, Iowegian
  • Kansas: Kansan, Kanser, Jayhawk
  • Kentucky: Kentuckian, Kentucker, Kentuckeyite
  • Louisiana: Louisianian, Louisianan, Cajun
  • Maine: Mainer, Mainiac, Down Easter
  • Maryland: Marylander, Marylandian
  • Massachusetts: Massachusettsan, Bay Stater, Massachusite
  • Michigan: Michiganian, Michigander, Michiganese, Michigine, Michiganite, Wolverine
  • Minnesota: Minnesotan
  • Mississippi: Mississippian, Mississipper
  • Missouri: Missourian
  • Montana: Montanan
  • Nebraska: Nebraskan, Cornhusker
  • Nevada: Nevadan, Nevadian
  • New Hampshire: New Hampshirites, New Hampshireman, Granite Stater
  • New Jersey: New Jerseyan, New Jerseyite, Jerseyite
  • New Mexico: New Mexican
  • New York: New Yorker, Empire Stater
  • North Carolina: North Carolinian, Tar Heel
  • North Dakota: North Dakotan, NoDak
  • Ohio: Ohioan, Buckeye
  • Oklahoma: Oklahoman, Oklahomians, Okie, Sooner
  • Oregon: Oregonian, Oregoner
  • Pennsylvania: Pennsylvanian, Pennamite
  • Rhode Island: Rhode Islander, Rhodian
  • South Carolina: South Carolinian, South Carolinan, Sandlapper
  • South Dakota: South Dakotan
  • Tennessee: Tennessean, Volunteer, Big Bender, Butternut
  • Texas: Texan, Texian, Tejano
  • Utah: Utahn, Utahan
  • Vermont: Vermonter
  • Virginia: Virginian
  • Washington: Washingtonian, ‘Toner
  • West Virginia: West Virginian, Mountaineer
  • Wisconsin: Wisconsinite, Cheesehead, Badger
  • Wyoming: Wyomingite, Wyomingian, Wyoman

What do you call people from the U.S. regions?

The Census Bureau recognizes four main regions in the United States. Here are the nicknames for these collective groups:

  • Northeast: New Englanders
  • Midwest: Midwesterners
  • South: Southerners
  • West/Pacific: West Coasters
  • East: Easterner (not officially recognized by the Census)

What do you call people from the U.S. territories?

The U.S. also has four unincorporated organized territories. Here’s what people from these territories are called:

  • Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands: Native-born people from the Mariana Islands are Chamoru or Chamorro. People from the Northern Mariana Islands are called Northern Marianans.
  • Guam: Guamanians. Natives are called Chamoru or Chamorro.
  • Puerto Rico: Puerto Rican or the Taino term “Boricua”
  • US Virgin Islands: Virgin Islander

Did we leave any nicknames out?

Do you know other nicknames for people from your state that aren’t on the list? Share them with us in the comments below!

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