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Wardrobe Boxes

November 19th, 2015 - 2:07 PM

Why use wardrobe boxes for moving?

If you have hanging clothes to move, the easiest and safest way to do that is to use wardrobe boxes. They’re tall boxes with a hanging rod that keep clothes protected from damage. Keep in mind that using the ever-popular “trash bag method” to move your clothes makes them wrinkled, and it’s easy to tear through the bag (and tear your clothes!) without sturdy protection. Using wardrobe boxes for moving also makes it simple to transfer clothing from the closet to the box, and then into the new closet. Let’s figure out how many wardrobe moving boxes you need, how to use wardrobe boxes, and where to order them at a discount.

wardrobe moving boxes

How many wardrobe boxes do you need?

It all depends on how many clothes you’re moving.

Each U-Pack wardrobe box measures 24" x 24" x 40". Based on those dimensions, the most accurate way to determine how many wardrobe boxes you'll need is to separate the clothes into two-foot increments in your closet. Then, just count how many two-foot sections you have. That's how many wardrobe boxes you'll need.  Repeat the process for every clothes closet in the house.

If you have a closet full of clothes that don't fit, but you're still holding on to them – It's time to say goodbye! Sell them in a yard sale, consign them, or donate the items to charity to purge your closets. Not only will you use fewer wardrobe boxes, but you’ll also use less space overall for your shipment. Using less space in the trailer or fewer ReloCubes equals actual savings for you.

How to use wardrobe boxes

Wardrobe boxes are easy to use. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Begin by assembling the boxes, using extra packing tape to secure the seams.
  2. Place the hanging bar into the pre-cut grooves.
  3. Start filling the box by placing items like shoes, belts, and purses in the bottom of the wardrobe box to maximize your space.
  4. Take hanging clothes and place them on the bar.
  5. Close the box and tape it shut.
  6. You can use the pre-cut carry handles to move the wardrobe box (you might need a friend to help), or place it on a moving dolly.

Here's a useful tip:  After your move is complete, hold on to your wardrobe boxes – they're perfect for storing off-season clothing or displaying clothes at a garage sale!

Where to buy cheap wardrobe boxes

The U-Pack Box Store has wardrobe boxes for sale at affordable prices. We sell wardrobe boxes in a set of 3.  They are professional quality moving boxes that ship directly to you for FREE.

If you need to order wardrobe boxes along with other moving boxes, check out our moving kits. Wardrobe boxes are included in all Wardrobe Moving Kits, which are  based on the size of your home. These kits include an assortment of moving boxes, wardrobe boxes, and packing supplies. Here are the moving kits we offer:

  • Wardrobe Studio Moving Kit – For studio apartments. Includes 9 assorted moving boxes, 1 wardrobe moving box, tape, packing paper, and a maker.
  • Wardrobe 1 Bedroom Moving Kit – For 1 bedroom homes and apartments. Includes 31 assorted moving boxes, 2 wardrobe moving boxes, tape, packing paper, Bubble Wrap®, and markers.
  • Wardrobe 2 Bedroom Moving Kit – For 2 bedroom homes and apartments. Includes 41 assorted moving boxes, 2 wardrobe boxes, tape, packing paper, Bubble Wrap®, and markers.
  • Wardrobe 3 Bedroom Moving Kit – For 3 bedroom homes. Includes 53 assorted moving boxes, 2 wardrobe boxes, tape, packing paper, Bubble Wrap®, and markers.
  • Wardrobe 4 Bedroom Moving Kit – For 4 bedroom homes. Includes 80 assorted moving boxes, 4 wardrobe moving boxes, tape, packing paper, Bubble Wrap®, and markers.
  • Wardrobe 5 Bedroom Moving Kit – For 5 bedroom homes. Includes 102 assorted boxes, 4 wardrobe boxes, tape, packing paper, Bubble Wrap®, and markers.
  • Wardrobe 6+ Bedroom Moving Kit – For 6+ bedroom homes. Includes 111 assorted moving boxes, 5 wardrobe boxes, tape, packing paper, Bubble Wrap®, and makers.

Remember, every order from the U-Pack Box Store includes FREE shipping, and delivery times average 1-2 business days. You can start packing right away!

If you are still figuring out how to move your clothing and other belongings, get a moving quote from U-Pack. It’s a “you pack, we drive” service with rates comparable to truck rental.

If you have any questions about using wardrobe boxes for moving or moving with U-Pack in general, just leave a comment below. We’re happy to help!

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