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U-Haul Gas Calculator

October 2nd, 2017 - 11:14 AM

Determine U-Haul®gas costs

When preparing for your upcoming move, it’s wise to define your expenses so you know what to expect to spend. Along with the costs associated with renting moving equipment and travel expenses, another expenditure that can impact your moving price is fuel — especially for long distance moves. Before you hit the road, prepare for the trip by figuring out your U-Haul fuel costs. With so many miles and lots of stops along the way, being prepared before you pay at the pump is important. And if you find that the cost of fuel is more than you expected, it may be worth exploring alternatives.

Determine U-Haul gas costs with this calculator.

Using the gas calculator for a U-Haul rental

You can calculate fuel costs manually (Total miles ÷ U-Haul MPG x price of gas per gallon) but you may find this Gas Calculator easier. Click over and plug in your origin and destination — the calculator takes care of the rest. Costs are based on the current national average cost of fuel and the average miles per gallon of a rental truck, along with the mileage between the locations.

Factors that contribute to the gas calculation

If you want to figure your own U-Haul gas calculations, here are the things that our tool considers:

Truck size

Depending on the size of the truck, a U-Haul rental can vary from 9-12 miles per gallon. Learn more about the gas mileage of U-Haul trucks.

Fuel costs

Gas prices can vary when driving across the country, but using the national average will get you a good estimation. Check AAA for current fuel prices.


Check the distance of your trip using an online mapping tool like Google Maps. To get the most accurate estimation, add in some extra mileage for stops (or getting lost, even though we hope that doesn’t happen.)

Things that can reduce fuel efficiency

There are a few things that a tool or calculations can’t account for when it comes to gas use in a U-Haul. These things have potential to reduce MPG, resulting in higher fuel costs.


A lead foot, heavy brake usage or even driving on mountainous terrain can impact fuel usage.

The weight of the shipment

It takes more effort on the vehicle to have a heavy load, using more fuel. When a rental truck is loaded down with furniture and boxes, fuel efficiency will likely decrease.

The condition of the truck

Vehicle upkeep is important to fuel efficiency. Tire inflation and alignment, dirty air filters and untuned brakes can impact the vehicle and decrease MPG

How to move without paying extra for fuel

If the fuel calculator above gave you a higher number than you wanted, there’s a way to move without driving or paying for fuel!

Depending on where you’re moving to/from, sometimes the cost of fuel can be as much (or more!) than the cost to rent a truck. So the “cheap” rental truck isn’t so cheap in the end. That’s where U-Pack® comes in.

U-Pack is a DIY moving service where you pack and load, but you don’t have to drive. And since you don’t drive, you don’t have to stop and pay for gas. U-Pack rates include the things that are extra with U-Haul: transportation, fuel, taxes and liability coverage. After factoring all that in, U-Pack is often more affordable and a better value.

Compare rates with a moving quote online to see if you could save on your move with U-Pack.

Have questions about calculating fuel for a U-Haul?

If you need help using the online calculator, getting a U-Pack quote or if you need more information on how U-Pack compares to renting a truck and driving it yourself, leave us a comment below.


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