The Pros and Cons of Moving

Wondering if you should make a long-distance move? 

Where you live can affect many aspects of life from relationships to career paths. That's why the decision to move to a new state isn't one to be taken lightly. Whether you're considering relocating for a job or want to start over in a new city, it helps to make a pros and cons list to make sure a long-distance move will benefit you and your family. 

Man hugging and lifting up a woman among moving boxes, happy to be moving.


Pros of moving to another state  

Here are some of the biggest advantages of moving:  

New career prospects

Depending on your expertise, relocating can be a great way to find fulfilling employment within your skillset. This is especially true if you’re struggling to find work within your field near your current home. Moving to a new area can offer expanded career opportunities.

Personal growth

Moving to a new city can be a good opportunity to set personal health, financial and wellness goals. You could also get involved in local civic or church groups while exploring new surroundings. Expanding your horizons and learning new things about yourself and a different community can be a positive experience. 

A fresh start

Creating a life somewhere new can be exciting and a good way to reset. It also represents the chance for a fresh start. It could mean a new home, job, set of friends and a change in scenery. Let yourself daydream about the possibilities — adventure awaits if you’re willing to take a chance!

Educational opportunities

A new town can open educational opportunities for your family. A new school might offer better academic programs or different extracurricular activities for your children. And many colleges and universities offer cheaper tuition or scholarships specifically for in-state residents. Establishing yourself in a new home state ahead of enrollment can mean significant savings.

Cons of relocating 

Moving also has some drawbacks to consider: 


Moving can be expensive — there’s just no way around it. When planning a move, you’ll have to consider buying or renting a new home and various expenses on top of the actual cost of the move. The good news is there are multiple ways to save! Start by comparing moving services to see how the costs differ based on the type of company you choose. 

Time and effort

From packing up belongings to finding a new house, job and routine, moving is a big commitment of time. But with some careful planning, the work can be easily managed. And when a move is the right decision, it’ll all be worth it in the end!

Missing family and friends

It can be tough to move away from family and friends, especially if you’re moving to a new place and don’t know anyone. But don’t worry too much! You can always stay in touch and encourage lots of visits. Check out these tips for saying goodbye to loved ones and staying close after a move.

Uprooting your life

New city. New home. New job. New school. New healthcare providers. If that sounds overwhelming, you're not alone in those feelings. Moving to a new state might feel like uprooting everything. It's easy to live within a comfort zone by staying in the same place. But even if you’re experiencing some initial discomfort, thriving somewhere different is possible! Just try to keep an open mind and embrace the new environment. 

What’s on your list of moving pros and cons? 

We hope this information will help with your own list of moving pros and cons. If you think of something we’ve missed, please leave a comment below! We want to hear from you! 

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