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Resources for Military Families

November 8th, 2018 - 3:56 PM

Making a military move with your family

Whether for a new unit assignment, a promotion or to complete a tour of duty, there are a number of reasons why military families move. In fact, statistics show that the average military family moves every two to three years, which accounts to about three times more often than that of a typical civilian family.

Although moving is a way of life for military servicepeople, Permanent Change of Station (PCS) orders can still be emotional for everyone involved. Use this guide to find resources that can help your family make a successful transition. 

graphic showing military family silhouettes in front of a flag

Resource for planning a move

If you’re looking for help planning your military move or understanding how a PCS move works, check out our comprehensive guide on military moving. It includes a PCS checklist and other helpful military moving resources. 

Resources for helping children adjust

Moves can be hard on everyone, especially children. Whether you’re moving during the school year or over the summer, the following resources can make the process smoother for your kids:

Family assistance

There are a number of organizations that can help your family with financial questions, emotional counseling or other phases of a move or deployment. Learn more with these resources:

  • Family Readiness System: Deployed servicepeople and their families can find information on a number of topics from emergency family assistance to help with managing finances.  
  • Non-medical Counseling: A confidential guidance resource for servicepeople and loved ones with issues related to relocation.  
  • Military spouse scholarships. Assistance for schooling, licensing or loan forgiveness.

Get help with your military move

Moving can be challenging on many levels, but these resources can help ease the process. If you’ve still got questions, want to learn more about military moving options or how to complete a PCS move with U-Pack®, give us a call at 877-453-7274 or leave us a comment below.