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Preparing to move to Boston

March 13th, 2017 - 12:27 PM

Living in Boston, MA

Planning a move to the largest city in Massachusetts? Get ready to experience an atmosphere rich in historical, cultural, educational and professional opportunities. If you’re in the early planning stages, you may have questions and concerns about things like, what life is like in the city, how you’ll get there and how much your move will cost. But, don’t worry — we’ve done some research to help you get ready.

Moving to Boston, MA gives you access to historic sites.

What is Boston like?

Boston is a growing metropolitan with an estimated population of 650,000 people with backgrounds from all over the world. The expanding selection of business and learning opportunities invites newcomers every year, and there are attractions for virtually every interest. So, whether you’re moving for school, work or a fresh start, you’ll find something that makes Boston feel like home.

How do I move to Boston?

When you think long distance moving, you may imagine driving a rental truck to your new destination. But, moving to Boston is a little different than relocating to other cities in the United States. Not only is it the largest city in Massachusetts, but it’s also the largest city in New England. Bigger cities can be tough to navigate even in a small car, so trying to drive a rental truck through unfamiliar streets can be overwhelming.  Or maybe you’re thinking about hiring a full-service company to do all the work. While the thought of not having to pack, load or drive can be appealing, it's often more expensive than other moving options.  

So, why not get the best of both worlds with a hybrid service like U-Pack®? With U-Pack, you do the packing and loading, and we do all the driving. You’ll find that this alternative to truck rental and full-service companies is both convenient and cost-effective.

How much will it cost?

Because cost is based on when you’re moving, how much you’re moving and where you’re moving from, there is no set price for how much everything will cost. It’s a good idea to gather estimates from different companies early on in your planning so you’ll know how much to budget. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to get a free online quote from U-Pack! We’ll just need to know where you’re moving from, the zip code you’re moving to in Boston, how much you’re moving and an estimated move date.

How does moving to Boston with U-Pack work?

U-Pack works hard to help make Boston moves simple. We have local drivers who deliver to the city and its suburbs every day, so they’re accustomed to maneuvering the sometimes narrow streets. We offer two options to transport your belongings safely:

  • ReloCube®Our moving containers are 6’ 3” x 7’ x 8’ 4” (LWH) and are ideal for moving into apartments or dorms. The ReloCube is a good option for places where parking is limited because they only require one parking spot. Feel free to use multiple containers, too — the driver can deliver them to different spots for unloading (i.e. one in the parking lot, one in the street, etc.).
  • Trailer. The U-Pack trailer is another option for Boston moves. The trailer is 28 feet long, which is about half the length of a standard semi-truck. It fits into most driveways, and since U-Pack drivers are local to the Boston area and familiar with the streets, as long as the trailer is allowed into the area, they’re normally able to deliver and retrieve the trailer with no issues.    

Need help deciding which equipment is right for you? Call a U-Pack representative at 800-413-4799, and we’ll be glad to assist!  

What about parking regulations in Boston?  

When the moving equipment arrives, you’ll need a place to park it while you unload. As a heavily-populated metropolitan, parking restrictions are common, so it’s important to make arrangements in advance. In the Boston Metro area trailers require off-street parking (in a parking lot or driveway), as street parking of trailers isn't allowed. However, ReloCubes are allowed street parking with a permit. A parking letter sent from U-Pack is required to get a permit. You'll just need to take the letter to Boston city officials at City of Boston Permit Office, Public Works Department, Room 714, City Hall Boston, MA 02201 at least three business days before your move to obtain the permit.

There are two ways to get a parking permit: in person or online. You’ll probably need a letter from your moving company requesting permission to park the equipment in the street before a permit is granted. If you’re moving with U-Pack, we’ll send you the necessary letter by fax or through email.

On the off chance you can’t get parking lined out, our nearby service center in West Bridgewater is close enough that you can do what we call a “terminal unload.” This means you’ll unload your items in West Bridgewater and transport them to your new home in a personal vehicle or small truck. This saves you money on transportation costs, and you won’t have to worry about parking permits!

Moving to Boston during “college week" 

Because Boston is home to many colleges and universities, the last week of August is known as “college week.” This is when students move in to start the fall semester, so, if you’re moving to The Puritan City for higher education, this is likely when you’ll be settling in. Ask your U-Pack specialist about scheduling a specific delivery and unloading time so that you’re unpacked and ready for the first day of class.

If you’re not a student, but still plan on moving to Boston during college week, call a U-Pack consultant to discuss your options. During this week, the local terminal in West Bridgewater focuses on accommodating the large number of student moves, which limits equipment availability for non-college movers.

Other questions about your relocation to Boston?  

Ready to move to Boston? Start by getting a free online quote. If you still have questions about your upcoming relocation, leave a comment below or call us at 800-413-4799. We’re happy to help!