One-Way Van Rental

Renting a cargo van for a small move

If you’re moving a few pieces of furniture or a studio apartment to a new state and you‘re on the hunt for a one-way cargo van, you may be having problems finding one. That’s because most companies only rent them for local and commercial moves. But there are some options and alternatives to consider! U-Pack® is a great example — we specialize in long-distance moves of every size, including small moves.

Explore what the major truck rental companies offer for one-way van rentals, then see how U-Pack can make moving just a few things easy.

Yellow one-way rental van traveling across a desert road.


Where can you rent a cargo van?

The leading truck rental companies have small moving vans that are normally used for local or commercial use — not long-distance, one-way moves.  

  • U-Haul® cargo vans hold up to a queen mattress, but are for local rentals only
  • Ryder® sprinter van rentals are for commercial business accounts
  • Budget® two-passenger cargo vans may be available for one-way moving in limited markets
  • Penske® cargo vans are part of their commercial truck rental program

So, while you could use a local rental (and just rent and return it to the same location), that’s not feasible for most people. You would have to pay for extra miles and days since unlimited mileage isn’t available. Not to mention the time involved for the drive back to the original rental location. So how do you move just a small amount of belongings?

DIY moving without a one-way van rental

U-Pack is a great option for small one-way moves. It’s a DIY service where you pack and load, and we handle all the driving (so you don’t have to spend hours behind the wheel of a moving van). The minimum space is similar to cargo van capacity.

  • U-Haul cargo vans have a 245 cubic feet capacity
  • U-Pack ReloCubes (6’ x 7’ x 8’) have a 308 cubic feet capacity
  • U-Pack moving trailers are 28’ x 8’ x 9’, but you can use as little as five linear feet (5’ x 8’ x 9’), for a capacity of 360 cubic feet

Not sure if you need a cargo van or a bigger rental truck? Take a closer look at the different types of equipment to learn what size moving truck you might need.