One-Way Van Rental

Finding a one-way cargo van

If you’re moving from a small apartment or just a few things from a larger home, you may be considering one-way cargo van rental since they’re smaller and easier to drive than a large moving truck. And you might think they would be more affordable as well. However, finding one to rent for a long-distance move may be difficult. Take a look at the offerings for one-way cargo vans, and then take a look at another simple way to move a small amount.

Yellow one-way rental van traveling across a desert road.


Who offers cargo van rental one way?

Here’s what you’ll find when looking at the four major truck rental companies:

  • U-Haul® cargo vans are for local rental only.
  • Ryder® offers round-trip rental only (no one-way van options).
  • Budget® lists cargo vans on their website, but they’re only in limited markets.
  • Penske® offers cargo vans, but they’re only in limited markets. 

So while they do exist, they can be difficult to find. And once you get a cargo van, you still have to drive it across the country to your new home, which can be tough. Even if the vehicle has rear windows, a fully loaded cargo area can make it difficult to see behind you. But there are ways to move without having to drive. 

Alternatives to one-way cargo vans

For a small amount of stuff, there are other ways to get everything to your new home besides a moving van rental: getting a small rental truck or using an alternative service like U-Pack®

Check out this rental truck guide to learn more about that option

Want to go a different route? U-Pack is a “you pack, we drive” service with minimum space requirements that are similar to cargo van capacity. Anything you would load into a van rental will fit into U-Pack equipment! Here’s how the space compares:

  • The inside capacity of a U-Haul 9' cargo van is 245 cubic feet.
  • A U-Pack ReloCube is 6’ x 7’ x 8’ and has a loading capacity of approximately 305 cubic feet.
  • Our moving trailers are (28’ x 8’ x 9’), however, you can use as little as 5 linear feet inside. So, the minimum is approximately 360 cubic feet.

U-Pack frees you up to travel however you want instead of being behind the wheel of the van the entire time. Sound like a good option? Get a free moving quote online or by calling 844-362-5303844-594-3077

Have questions about renting vans for moving?

Leave us a comment below! If you would like to compare U-Pack to your moving quote, we can also help you check rates. 
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