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Moving Truck Parking

By Jeremy
February 19th, 2009 - 9:15 AM

Ask permission first, not forgiveness later...

Although the forgiveness route may work with some things, when a parking violation is on the line I wouldn't suggest it! City governments like to know what is being parked on their streets and if they don't approve, you could end up with a ticket. This is clearly not something you want to deal with when you're trying to move.

Save yourself a headache (and money) by calling your city hall or local police department before you move

Larger cities are usually more concerned with parking permit issues than rural areas, but it's always wise to check. You know what they say about people who assume….

Some cities require 4-6 business days notice to get the parking permits you need, so allow about 1-2 weeks. This is easy to do now that many cities have the forms available online.  I suggest looking for terms like "street use permit" and "obstruction permit." The permits our customers get usually fall in one of those two categories.