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Moving Tools

February 9th, 2015 - 4:34 PM

Moving Calculators, Resources, and Estimators

No matter what you’re tackling, you need the right tools for the job. If you’re digging a hole, you need a shovel. And if you’re changing a tire, you need a jack. It’s the same with moving; you need the right moving tools. The US Census Bureau reports that the average person moves 11 times in their lifetime – so though you may not need moving tools often, it’s always good to know where they are when you do!  To make it easy, we’ve gathered all the moving resources you’ll need to plan for your move. Check them out below.


Tools for help moving

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U-Pack Moving Tools

From start to finish, these resources will help you budget, plan, pack, and more.

  • Quote Calculator This should be your first stop when planning a move. If you’re wondering how much your move will cost, just enter a few details (like where you’re moving to/from, and how big your home is), and get a quote instantly.
    Note: If you’re moving to Canada or offshore to Alaska or Hawaii, we’ll email your quote within 24 hours so that a moving specialist can review it.
  • Basic Space estimator If you need a quick way to estimate how much space you’ll need inside the moving trailer, or how many ReloCubes you’ll need, check out the Basic Space Estimator. It will show you the expected space based on the size of your home.
  • Room by room estimator  This moving tool is a favorite. If you want to be a bit more detailed and precise when estimating your space, this tool allows you to input all of the items in your home (including furniture, boxes, outdoor items, etc.), to figure out your space needs.
  • Storage unit conversion chart  To determine how much space you’ll need for the belongings in your storage unit, check out this tool. It shows you your space needs based on the size of the storage unit.
  • Truck rental conversion chart  Want to see how U-Pack compares in size to rental trucks? This chart compares different truck rental sizes to U-Pack space – which makes it easier to compare costs.
  • Rental truck fuel calculator  If you’re contemplating truck rental, it’s important to factor in the cost of fuel. This moving tool takes the distance between your origin and destination and converts that to a fuel cost based on average gas prices and rental truck gas mileage. It’s super handy to help you determine if a rental truck fits into your budget.
  • Moving Blog  If there’s anything you want to know about moving, the U-Pack blog has probably covered it. Our moving experts write detailed information about every aspect of moving- from specific packing tips to tax deductions and even moving your pets.
  • Videos To see our moving information in action, check out our YouTube channel. We show you packing and loading tips, how the equipment works, traveling tips and much more!
  • Box estimator  We recommend using boxes designed for moving when you’re moving long distance – they’re built to keep your belongings safe and secure. But how do you know how many boxes you’ll need? This box estimator helps you figure out your box needs based on the results of the space estimator.
  • Box Store  For the actual tools you need for moving, like a moving dolly, moving blankets, and packing paper – check out the U-Pack box store. 
  • Forms and Documents If you need to locate your documents post-move (maybe for tax purposes), this page has a document retrieval tool. There are also links to all the forms you might need – from customs forms (for those moving out of the country) to instructions for the ramp and bulkhead. It’s a great resource!
  • Checklist Our last moving tool may be the most important – it’s an all-inclusive checklist covering every detail you’ll need to cover before moving day. This list walks you through 8 weeks of planning and takes you all the way to after your move.
  • Shipment Tracking  Once your U-Pack shipment is picked up from your home, you can track it online using this tool. Simply enter the tracking number from your Bill of Lading (MyMove Plan) or your reference number from your quote to get current information on your shipment.

So there you have it – your moving tool kit. These tools should help you prepare for moving day like a professional (without the professional pricetag!). For ultimate insider access, call one of our moving experts at 800-413-4799. Our moving experts are just another tool at your disposal! We aren’t just a call center – our experts are solving customers’ moving challenges each and every day. They’ve encountered just about any situation you can think of, so please let us know if you need help.

If you have any questions or need help finding a specific moving tool, please leave us a comment.