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Moving box comparison: choosing the right boxes for your move

December 8th, 2017 - 12:14 PM

How many moving boxes do I need?

The days leading up to moving day come with plenty of stressors — the last thing you want to add is worry about whether you have enough of the right size moving boxes to safely pack up your home. U-Pack® can help. We’ll assist you with figuring out the right size boxes for your move and help estimate how many you need. Then, you can order online and we’ll ship them to you for free, to arrive in approximately 1-3 business days. Take a look at standard moving box sizes, what they’ll typically hold and ways to get a good deal on buying moving boxes of any size. 

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Standard moving box sizes

When moving across country, using boxes that are made for moving is a must-do. They’re built to add extra protection for household goods. These moving boxes come in all sizes — small through extra-large. The variety of sizes you’ll need depends on the shape, dimensions and weight of the item(s) being packed into them. Professionals recommend keeping the weight of all boxes under 40 lbs. This makes them much easier to pick up and carry (which you’ll definitely appreciate after you’ve carried a few into and out of a moving truck). That means heavier items like books and handheld weights should be packed into small boxes, while larger, light items like linens can be packed into large boxes. Standard moving box sizes are:

  • Small – Small boxes measure 16” x 10” x 10”. They’re great for packing things like books, CDs and small appliances.
  • Medium – Medium boxes measure 18” x 14” x 12” and are great for things like towels, DVDs and decorative items.
  • Large – Large boxes measure 20” x 20” x 15” and hold larger items like kitchen appliances, bedding, drapes and smaller pillows.
  • Extra-large – Extra-large boxes measure 23” x 23” x 16” and hold those large, lighter items like comforters, large pillows and sports equipment.

Before purchasing boxes, use the U-Pack box estimator or complete a home inventory to get a good estimate of what to order. You can also take the guesswork out of it by selecting a moving kit for your specific size home.  

Moving kits

As you consider what you’re moving and compare boxes, you may find you need some of each size. Moving kits include an assortment of boxes based on the average size of a home (from studio apartments to 6+ bedroom houses). Get the perfect assortment by choosing a kit that fits your home size and budget. U-Pack offers the following types of kits for a variety of home sizes:

  • Economy — includes a variety of box sizes, packing tape and marker(s)
  • Basic — includes a variety of box sizes, packing tape and dispenser, bubble wrap, packing paper and marker(s)
  • Enhanced — includes a variety of box sizes, SmartMove tape, packing tape and dispenser, bubble wrap, packing paper and marker(s)
  • Wardrobe — includes a variety of box sizes (including wardrobe boxes), packing tape and dispenser, bubble wrap, packing paper and marker(s)

Specialized boxes

Not everything fits into a standard size moving box. For some items you’ll need extra protection or the ability to customize to create a larger box. U-Pack offers the following specialty boxes to accommodate your needs:

  • Wardrobe boxes — These are designed for hanging clothes and come with a rod across the top for packing clothing directly on hangers. Each holds two linear feet of closet space.
  • Kitchen boxes — These are designed uniquely for packing things like dishes, glasses and china. Wrap in bubble wrap or packing paper and use the kitchen box inserts to add extra protection.
  • Picture boxes — These are designed for artwork and mirrors. They some in medium and large sizes and are actually two-part boxes so you can customize to fit virtually any size wall-hanging.
  • TV boxes — These heavy-duty boxes are designed to protect flat-screen TVs. They are made of multiple pieces, so you can create the right size to fit your TV.
  • Lamp boxes — These taller cartons are ideal for lamps up to 48” tall (or tape two together for floor lamps).
  • File boxes — These are made to keep files and paperwork in one place. They’re double-walled to handle heavy files.

Moving Supplies

Don’t forget the moving supplies! Using thing things like moving blankets, paper furniture pads, stretch wrap, mattress and furniture covers and bubble wrap add an extra layer of protection to keep your belongings safe in transit. These can be purchased in a variety of bundle sizes to accommodate any size move.

Get what you need delivered to your door

Whether you need only 10 medium boxes or enough for a four-bedroom home, you can get the supplies you need delivered right to your door. Check out the selection at U-Pack Box Store, and remember that every order includes FREE shipping.

Have questions about what to order? Leave a comment below. We’re happy to help!