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As you prepare for your upcoming move, purchasing quality moving supplies is critical. One of the most popular choices for protecting furniture is to use moving blankets. If you're looking for affordable offers, you may also want free shipping, as they can be bulky and expensive to ship.  Look no further than the U-Pack Box Store. We have multiple types of moving blankets, in different quantities, all with FREE shipping.

Stack of moving blankets folded and ready to use for wrapping furniture


Types of moving blankets in the U-Pack Box Store

We offer a variety of packing blankets to fit your needs and budget.

We have:

Affordable moving blanket option

Economy furniture moving blankets are efficient and sturdy. They’re perfect for protecting furniture and other belongings for one-time use. We offer the economy furniture blankets in quantities of 2, 4, 6, and 12. And the best part? Every order is shipped to your door for free.

economy moving blankets


Moving blankets with the best protection

Deluxe moving blankets are heavier weight than the economy blankets and are ideal for re-use. Perhaps you're planning on moving several times in the next few years, or maybe you plan on giving your moving supplies to a friend to use. If that’s you, these moving blankets are the perfect way to go. Either way, the deluxe option will stay strong for multiple uses. These are also available in quantities of 2, 4, 6, and 12 with free shipping.  

deluxe moving blanket


Cheapest moving blanket option

Textile skin furniture moving blankets are our most affordable option. They're lighter weight and excellent for protecting lightweight wooden furniture or items that you're going to pack in boxes. They come in packs of 3, 6, 12, and 24, and shipping to your home is still free.

textile furniture pads


Which type of packing blanket do you need?

Most customers need a variety of cheap moving blankets as they pack to protect their belongings. Quilted blankets, like our economy and deluxe blankets, are ideal for protecting furniture and electronics because they feature a filler that provides an extra layer of protection. Textile skins are perfect for packing things like metal objects or items in boxes because they provide a single cushy layer of protection. We recommend ordering a mix of furniture moving blankets, so you have the right blanket for the job on hand when packing.

How to use blankets for moving

Moving blankets are ideal for protecting items during your move. The most common way to use moving blankets is to protect furniture while it travels to your new home. To do this, cover the furniture with a moving blanket, making sure to cover all surfaces or corners you want to protect. Use rope, plastic stretch wrap or tape to secure the blankets to the furniture.  If you use tape, be careful only to apply tape to the blanket and not the furniture itself, as tape could damage the finish of the furniture. Blankets can also be used to wrap electronics, sofa cushions, or larger items like stepladders that may otherwise be difficult to fit into a box. By wrapping them, you're making sure they stay protected during your move (not to mention preventing the item from rubbing against other items that are packed/loaded in close proximity).

You might also find blankets useful for protecting your home as you move in and out.  They’re great for covering wooden banisters or protecting your floor. Just lay the blankets down and slide the heavier furniture over the blankets instead of on the floor itself, so you don’t have to worry about scratching or damaging the floor. 

How to reuse moving blankets after your move

If you want to find a use for packing blankets after moving, first wash them. We recommend washing them on gentle with cold water and hanging them to dry. To use your blankets after moving, check out these ideas:

  • Cover car seats to protect from pets
  • Use them for furniture covers
  • Protect your table during messy crafts
  • Hang on walls for soundproofing material
  • Place them in dog houses for pet bedding
  • Use them for outdoor blankets at a picnic or sporting event
  • Keep them in your vehicle in case of emergencies.
  • Donate them to a local human society for animal bedding – they’ll love you for it!

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Planning your long distance move?

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If you have any questions about our furniture moving blankets or moving with U-Pack, just leave a comment. We're happy to help!