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Moving a Television

By Jeremy
November 1st, 2012 - 3:19 PM

We're continuing the 100th moving tip celebration! Today let's look back at a helpful post from 2009. Jeremy offers some super advice designed to help you move your television like a pro. Enjoy!

We often get questions about the best way to move a television. Understandably – they're our prized possessions and the focal point of our living rooms, bedrooms and game rooms, right?

To answer that question, I've compiled some television moving tips:

Put it back in its original packaging. If you kept the original packaging for your TV, kudos! This is the best way to pack it. Unfortunately, most people think they won't need it again or they don't have room to store it, and it goes to the trash. If you don't have the original box, try checking with the electronics vendors in your area to see if they have a box/packaging that will fit your television. It's a long-shot, but you may get lucky!  

Use plenty of blankets and furniture pads. If you don't have an adequate box available, make sure you have enough blankets and furniture pads to cover and protect the entire television. You'll typically need at least two, but ultimately it depends on the size of the television. It's better to overprotect.

Wrap the television from the bottom up. Place furniture pads on the floor first then set the television on top. Pull the furniture pad up and over the sides the television and secure with packing tape (be careful not to tape the screen). It is best to tape the pads both vertically and horizontally. The television should always remain upright.

Use forearm forklift moving straps to move it. It's no surprise that TVs are heavy and bulky. The forearm forklift reduces your effort by 66% and can support weight up to 600 lbs. It's definitely worth the price if you've got several large bulky items.

Load with care. Once you get it in the moving trailer or ReloCube, make sure not to load items around it that might cause damage (like sharp objects).

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If you don't feel comfortable moving your television on your own, check with Moving Staffers for rates on moving "just the big stuff".