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How to pack electronics for your upcoming move

July 11th, 2013 - 3:27 PM

How on earth do I pack and move all my electronics?

I hear ya! Packing electronics is a challenging task for anyone moving long-distance. That’s why we’re ready to give our tips and tricks for packing your electronics like a pro. Take a look below!


How to pack electronics

What you’ll need to pack your electronics

Helpful tips and tricks for packing electronics

Before you get started

  • Check with the manufacturer’s guide to see if it lists specific instructions for moving that specific electronic. Sometimes, the manufacturer will have a downloadable guide on their website if you don’t have yours handy. Or, go to manualsonline.com to search for guides there.
  • If possible, locate  the electronics’ original packaging and use that to pack it in.

Tips for packing

  • I’ve spent more time than I’m willing to admit trying to remember where the cord goes in the back of an electronic. So, to help save you some time, I recommend color coding the ports and the cords with matching colored labels. It will make reassembly much easier!
  • You can also take pictures of how the cords are connected to help you remember.
  • Place the larger, heavier electronics in the bottom of the moving box and the lighter accessories on top.
  • Always pack your electronics in their upright position.

“Don’t forget” tips

  • If you’re moving in the summer, ask your moving company if your electronics could get overheated during the move. They might advise you take your electronics with you instead of in the moving truck to prevent heat damage.
  • Remove all batteries inside your electronics to prevent damage during the move. For instance, if your battery accidentally leaks, your valuable electronic will likely be damaged.

If you have any questions about packing electronics, let us know! We’re happy to help!