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How to Move a Dresser

October 15th, 2013 - 9:39 AM

How Do I Move a Big, Bulky Dresser?

They’re heavy, cumbersome, difficult to maneuver through doors, and have drawers that have a tendency to slide in and out. It’s true that it can be a little challenging to move a dresser out of the house and into the moving truck. So today, we’ll go over some very helpful tips that will help make it much more manageable.  

Steps to Moving a Dresser

  • It’s best to move a dresser with the drawers inside so you can wrap and protect it before carrying it through doorways. But, if it’s solid wood and too heavy to move, you can take the drawers out to lighten the load. (If you do this, stack them to the side and wrap the dresser once it’s loaded into the trailer).
  • Before moving day, measure doorways to determine whether doors need to be removed before moving the dresser out.
  • Examine the contents of your dresser.  It’s fine to leave things like socks in the drawers, but junk drawer items (pens, scissors, etc.) should be packed into a box.
  • Remove the mirror (if applicable). Put the hardware inside a zip top bag, label, and tape inside the top dresser drawer. Place tape over the mirror in an “X” to protect the glass, then wrap the entire mirror securely with paper padding (avoid taping to the wood finish – it could cause damage). Lastly, cover the mirror completely with heavy cardboard, secure with tape, and label the box “FRAGILE.” 
  • If you chose to move the dresser with drawers in, wrap the entire piece of furniture with paper padding or moving blankets before moving it out. Use tape or plastic wrap to secure the padding (without taping to the finish).  
  • Have at least two people available to move the dresser into the moving trailer (you may also want to consider using forearm forklifts for lifting).   
  • If you chose the trailer option, you’ll walk up a ramp to load the dresser into the trailer. If you chose a ReloCube, it’s ground level, so you can walk it right in.
  • When carrying the dresser out of the house, be careful going through doorways and up the trailer ramp (for your safety and to avoid damage to the dresser or doorways).  
  • If you have a tall chest of drawers, carrying it “high/low” (on its side with one person holding the top and one the bottom) may help to get it through doorways. Just be mindful not to break or crack the chest’s legs/feet.  
  • If you’re moving a chest of drawers and you have a dolly, you can tilt it just enough to get the dolly underneath the “skinny” side and secure it with straps. Just have someone spot you so that everything is secure while you move it through the house and into the moving trailer or ReloCube.
  • If you removed the drawers before moving it, be sure drawer openings are accessible when you load it into the trailer. Once they’re placed back into the dresser, wrap it in paper padding or furniture pads, then secure it with tape or plastic stretch wrap (again, do not place tape directly on the wood).
  • Place dressers (and other heavy furniture and appliances) against a wall so that they’re easy to secure.
  • Verify that wood furniture isn’t touching anything that could potentially rub or gouge it during transit.
  • Tie it down. Securing your belongings inside the trailer is one of the most important things you can do to keep them from shifting in transit. The inside walls of most U-Pack trailers are equipped with a tracking system that allows you to thread rope or straps through for tie downs. The picture below depicts the inside of a typical U-Pack trailer.


Loading a dresser in a U-Pack moving trailer.

And you’re done!

With U-Pack, rates are based on the space used in the trailer – so when you pack and load efficiently, you save money! A great way to save is by maximizing your trailer space, packing high and tight, and stacking lightweight items on top of the dresser as you load (just make sure it’s nothing that could cause damage).

If you have more questions about how to move a dresser or you’re interested seeing how much your move would cost with U-Pack, call us at 800-413-4799 or get a free moving quote online!