How much does it cost to move to Hawaii?

A look at Hawaii moving costs

September 2020 Update: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, regulations for entry into Hawaii have changed. Because moving is considered essential business, you can still enter Hawaii, but you may be required to quarantine when you arrive. Learn more about current travel programs and guidance.

Hawaii has some appealing draws: an abundance of beaches, breathtaking scenery, tropical weather and great food, just to name a few. But before you can make a dream of living on the islands a reality, you’ll need to figure out how much it costs to move there. Learn what expenses you should budget for and see how much it costs to move to Hawaii with U-Pack®.

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Sunset view of a Hawaiian bay, seen after moving cheaply to Hawaii.


Costs associated with moving to Hawaii

A move to Hawaii is usually more expensive than a move to other states in the continental U.S. because there’s an ocean to cross. This means getting yourself and your belongings there can require a little more planning and coordination. To make sure everything is covered, you’ll need to budget for things like: 

  • Household goods shipping
  • Airfare
  • Vehicle shipping 

Example moves

To get an idea of the total price, let’s first take a look at the cost of shipping household goods to Hawaii.
Prices depend on the service you use, how much you’re moving, when you’re moving and where you’re moving from/to. U-Pack offers affordable rates with our “you pack, we drive” service — you pack and load your belongings, and we transport them to Hawaii. And, since you’ll only pay for the space you use, you’ll know the exact price as you load.

Here are some sample costs for relocating a studio apartment with U-Pack:

  • A move from Chicago, IL to Lahaina, HI would cost $4,582
  • A move from Portland, OR to Moloaa, HI would cost $3,673
  • A move from Little Rock, AR to Honolulu, HI would cost $4,597

Want to know how much your move to Hawaii would cost? Get a quote online, and we’ll email it within one business day. 

How much is it to travel to Hawaii?

Now let’s now figure up the rest of the expenses. For the move to Lahaina (located in Maui), you’re looking at a current one-way flight price of about $315 through Alaska Airlines. 

Vehicle shipping costs depend on the service you use and what type of car you have. We refer customers to Mr. Car Shipper, which quotes $2,429 to ship a 2010 Toyota Camry from Chicago to Lahaina. 
Factoring in these other expenses makes the total cost for this move to Maui $7,326. 


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