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Getting Help With Packing and Loading

July 27th, 2016 - 3:04 PM

Need a hand with packing and moving?

While do-it-yourself moving is a great way to save money, there are lots of situations where you may need some help—especially when it comes to packing and loading.  Whether you’re a first-time mover that needs help or just don’t want to do the heavy lifting this time around, you can still enjoy low rates and an easy moving service without having to do all the work yourself! U-Pack offers invaluable packing tips and a recommendation for affordable loading help so you can move without the high price of a full service mover and still get the help you need.

moving packing tip

The best moving packing tips

We understand that packing is a task few people look forward to. On the flip side, you may not be excited about someone else handling every single item in your home, either. The solution? Follow  our expert tips to pack your own things, then hire experienced labor to load your furniture and boxes into the moving truck or container. Packing your own items makes unloading and unpacking easier since you know what items are in which box.  Plus, you’re able to take the time to devote extra care to any special items.

Get help packing with our resources:

  • Detailed packing tips. We’ve compiled our best professional advice for packing your belongings. These moving/packing tips will help you whether it’s your first time moving long distance, or you’re already a seasoned expert.
  • Step-by-step instructions. Find over 30 articles devoted to helping you pack everything from dishes to a television to lamps. Get all of our packing guides here.
  • Packing how-to videos. If you’re a visual learner, we have a library of how-to moving tips on our YouTube channel. Check out our tutorials for using different packing materials, along with how-to pack videos for specific items.
  • Professional packing materials. To best protect your belongings, we recommend using high quality moving supplies. Our box store offers professional-grade supplies at discounted prices.

While you get your belongings ready to move with our moving and packing tips, you’ll also need to make a plan for loading help.

Getting loading help

Whether you just need assistance with the bigger items or you want someone to load (or unload) the entire moving trailer for you, you have options!  U-Pack recommends Moving Staffers, a convenient network of experienced moving crews that are available across the country.

The Moving Staffers team can help you determine how many people you need, and for how many hours. You pay an hourly rate and you supervise the crew to do exactly what you want. Each crew will brings a dolly and basic tools to help load your belongings into the moving equipment. And if you have your packing materials ready, they can also help you wrap furniture and tie-down your belongings inside the moving equipment. Experienced loaders have the moving know-how to help you maximize your space inside the trailer or container, too—an added bonus!

One important note about using loading help: we recommend having your moving truck or Cube dropped off of the day before the loaders arrive. This way, you can maximize the time the loaders are able to work, since the trailer will already be there ready to go!

Get help with packing and loading

If you have other questions about packing, loading and unloading your U-Pack move, call us at 800-413-4799 or leave a comment below.