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Can I Drive a Rental Truck to Canada?

October 2nd, 2018 - 2:12 PM

Crossing the Canadian border in a rental truck

Moving to Canada and thinking about using a rental truck? While some companies allow their equipment to travel across the border, others won’t. Before getting too far in the process, be sure you know which rental services permit travel into Canada — otherwise, you could be stuck at the border facing possible fees and vehicle confiscation.

rental truck driving from the US to Canada

Truck rental companies that let you drive into Canada

The following rental truck companies allow their equipment to cross the U.S.-Canadian border, but there are a few details to keep in mind. And since each company has individual rules in place and these could change, it’s important to confirm details with them before making plans.

Also keep in mind that no matter what company you choose, you'll be crossing the Canadian border, which is a process to be ready for.


The U-Haul website states that customers can cross the U.S.-Canadian border in U-Haul trucks, but they will be subject to any laws and potential searches enforced by border officials. Their optional SafeMove® damage coverage does cover drivers in the U.S. and Canada as long as the truck is rented and returned in the United States.


Penske rental trucks can travel into Canada, but they must be returned in the States. Customers who want insurance coverage while driving through Canada will have to purchase the Limited Damage Waiver so that Penske can send them a Canadian insurance card.


Budget states on their website that “trucks are not allowed to cross the Canadian border and will be detained and confiscated at all border crossings.” However, you may want to reach out to an agent to see if that policy has changed.

Another way to move

Because many of the truck rental companies want/require you to return the vehicle to a U.S. location, it may not be the most efficient way to move. Instead, consider using a “you pack, we drive” service like U-Pack®. We offer moves from the United States to multiple locations in Canada, and because we do the driving, you don’t have to worry about crossing the border in a rental truck. Get a free online quote or call 800-413-4799 to check prices.

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