Best places to move to avoid snow

Not a winter weather fan? Are there places with no snow?

Sure, winter has its perks. Life moves a bit slower and the air is crisper. Plus, you can wear cozy sweaters and enjoy hot chocolate while snuggling next to a fire. But if you aren’t warm to the idea of having to shovel snow, defrost the car windshield or bundle up to beat the cold, these U.S. cities might be the perfect fit for you!

ABF moving trailer in front of a house in Corpus Christi, a place where it doesn't usually snow.


Best weather cities in the U.S.

There are very few places in the U.S. that never see snow, but the following cities fare well weather-wise in the winter. And while we cannot predict what Mother Nature will do (after all, it snowed in Miami in 1977!), these cities get sunny days that aren’t too cold in the winter months.

Miami, Florida — Miami enjoys a tropical climate nearly all year long, with warm and dry winters and longer, hotter summers. Rainfall is rare in Miami in the winter, with snowfall even more unusual. The most recent instance was January 19, 1977, when temperatures dropped below freezing and delivered a trace amount of snow. But by 9:30 the next morning, the snow had dissipated.

San Francisco, California — While the city received a scattered, minimal amount of snow in 2011, the last time any measurable amount fell (about an inch) was 1976. It can get chilly in the city on occasion, but winter lows typically don’t dip below 45 degrees, so expect warmer temps throughout the year.

Honolulu, Hawaii — Believe it or not, snow actually is common in parts of Hawaii. It happens often on the Big Island, mainly in higher elevation areas like the mountaintops of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea — but the beaches don’t get snow! Honolulu usually experiences warm weather and beautiful skies all year long.

Phoenix, Arizona — The city has seen more snowfall in some areas as Phoenix’s boundary lines have expanded over the years — primarily in the higher elevations of the North Valley. Elsewhere in Phoenix, snow is rare. The city has registered trace amounts on occasions, but it hasn’t seen more than an inch of snow since 1933.

Corpus Christi, Texas — Corpus Christi is located along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. The city’s hot, humid summers and short, mild winters offer a comfortable, enjoyable climate annually for residents and visitors alike.

Key West, Florida — Key West is located at the southernmost point of the United States, so naturally, you’d imagine that it has great weather. It does. The record low temperature is 41 degrees in Key West, so no snow flurries here!

Las Vegas, Nevada — In December 2008, a snowstorm struck the Las Vegas Valley, resulting in more than 3 ½ inches of snow within city limits, and parts of the outer valley seeing up to 10 inches. The storm lasted several days, which prompted school closures and had crippling effects on travel. But the snow in 2008 was a bit of an anomaly. While it can get cold in the winter months, Las Vegas typically doesn’t get much more than a trace amount of snow. 

Houston, Texas — Much like Las Vegas, snow in Houston is very rare. If you do see snowfall, it’s usually a trace amount or less than an inch of accumulation.

San Diego, California — In the last 125 years, flurries have only fallen on San Diego five times, with the last measurable amount coming in 1967. If you live or visit here, you’ll enjoy warm temperatures and hot, dry Santa Ana winds instead.

Orlando, Florida — Orlando’s subtropical climate doesn’t produce much snow. The last time the city got it was in 1977 when a couple of inches fell (but quickly melted). 

Did you know?

These three U.S. areas have never received snowfall according to Farmers’ Almanac:

Parts of South Florida — Florida’s known for its sunny skies and tropical climate, but there are parts of the state that have never seen snow. Because of Florida’s low latitude and elevation, temperatures in the state rarely ever get cold enough for snow to fall. No city south of Homestead (a suburb of Miami) has ever received snow. Imagine that!

The U.S. Virgin Islands — The coldest temperatures ever recorded on any of the U.S. Virgin Islands is 52 degrees, which is obviously too warm for snow.

Guam — This U.S. territory located in the western Pacific Ocean has a hot and humid year-round climate. The lowest temperature ever recorded there was 65 degrees.

What are your favorite warm weather cities?

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