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Moving to College with U-Pack

Affordable College Moving Services

U-Pack was designed to help customers save money, which is why it’s a great option for college students moving out of state. Whether you’re moving to or from a dorm, apartment complex or other type of off-campus housing, U-Pack is the ideal solution. Prices often compare to truck rental — but you don’t have to drive.

Here’s how it Works

  • We deliver a ReloCube®
  • You load it
  • We pick it up and drive it to your new location (or store it as long as you need)
  • You unload

The ReloCube is perfect for moving your stuff to college. It’s easy to load, fits into a standard parking space, and can hold the contents of a studio-size apartment. Need to move more? No problem. Reserve as many Cubes as you think you need, and pay only for the ones you use.

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U-Pack Student Moving Options 

No matter where you’re moving from or to, U-Pack can help:

Shipping to College Dorms

Get your belongings to school without paying airline baggage fees or driving in a fully-packed vehicle. With U-Pack, you’re free to travel as you wish while your items are safely transported to campus. If your college doesn’t allow moving container parking, ask about unloading at a nearby service center.

Moving to Off-Campus Housing

Need to get furniture and boxes to an apartment or rental house? We can help! In addition to the ReloCube containers, U-Pack offers a moving trailer option, where you pay only for the space you use. This lets you move as much as you need to college, while still getting an affordable price.

Moving after College

Whether you’re heading back home or going to a new city after graduation, U-Pack can get your stuff where it needs to be. With service in all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico, we can help you make any move after college.

Ways to Save Money When Moving Out of State for College

If you’re a college student or are moving for your first post-college job, saving money is more important than ever. U-Pack offers options to help reduce your costs and make moving more affordable.

Load and Unload at a Service Center

Load and unload your belongings at the service center closest to your location, and save! It’s a little more work, but it’s an excellent way to reduce your costs. On average, U-Pack customers save up to $300 with this type of move.

Choose an Off-Peak Day

Similar to hotels, airlines and amusement parks, college moving companies have peak and off-peak seasons and days of the week, based on demand. By choosing a day with more equipment availability, you’re likely to get a lower price. Ask a U-Pack moving consultant about the best day for your move.

Move Fewer Items

Your U-Pack price is based on the number of ReloCubes you use — when you use less, you pay less. Though college moves are typically smaller than average household goods moves, there still may be room to cut back on unnecessary items. Check out our college checklist to make sure you’re bringing the essentials.

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