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The Solution for Small Moves

Options for when you don’t have much to move

Looking for small load movers? Consider U-Pack®! We offer services to all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico, so if you’re going state-to-state, but not moving much, we can help. Choose U-Pack for shipments such as:

  • moving a studio apartment
  • sending items to a family member in another state
  • delivering dorm room necessities
  • getting items out of storage

or any other scenario that requires a small moving company.

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U-Pack small moving services

Moving with U-Pack is simple. You load your belongings into a ReloCube® or moving trailer and let us handle the driving. Don’t worry about operating a large, unfamiliar rental truck cross country — fly or drive in your personal vehicle, and rest assured that your belongings are safe and secure.

U-Pack prices compared to other moving companies

Small load moving companies have various ways of determining how much your move will cost. Rates can be based on:

  • Weight. Some moving companies require a minimum weight for shipping household goods. While a few do offer a low minimum weight, if your small load doesn’t fill up the truck, they’ll typically combine your belongings with other customers’ household goods shipments to help offset costs.  
  • Total space. Another way companies charge small movers is by having them pay for the entire trailer. While it may not seem like a downside, this strategy could mean overpaying for space you don’t use.

Instead of these approaches to pricing, U-Pack uses methods that offer flexibility and control — great things to have, especially if you're moving on a budget.

The minimum space for a U-Pack move is one ReloCube® or five linear feet in a moving trailer (each hold approximately a room’s worth of furniture and boxes). And one of the best things about U-Pack is that you only pay for the space you use. If you can fit everything into less space, you’ll pay less, and if you need more room, it’s available. Just add another ReloCube, or pay by the linear foot in a trailer. We also never combine households!

Go U-Pack for small moves

U-Pack makes it convenient and affordable to complete small cross country moves. Get a free moving quote online or call 877-453-7274 to speak with a consultant about your options.

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