Moving from Washington, DC to Nashville, TN

Whatever brings you south, it’s easy to find a home in Tennessee’s capital

While it might not appear so at first glance, Washington, D.C. and Nashville, TN share some common traits: History is celebrated in both cities. Each draws visitors from around the world. And there’s always something interesting going on.

No matter the reason you’re moving from our nation’s capital to Tennessee’s capital, you're in for a hearty dose of southern hospitality, creative energy and all the music you could want.

Experience Music City, U.S.A.

Much like the role politics plays in D.C., music drives Nashville’s culture. If you’re a musician or simply a fan of good tunes, you’ll feel at home right away. The legendary Grand Ole Opry dates back to 1925 and it remains the epicenter of country music. But that’s not the only game in town. There are dozens of other venues, large and small, hosting live music events every night of the week.

Your dollars will go further in Nashville than in D.C.

Though home values have risen along with the population in recent years, Nashville remains relatively affordable. Expect about a 30 percent lower cost of living here than in Washington, D.C. Plus, Tennessee is one of the few states that doesn’t tax wages, so you’ll be able to keep more of your income.

Earn a good living in a variety of fields

Nashville offers an assortment of career opportunities, particularly in health care. Top employers include Vanderbilt University Medical Center, the Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), Community Health Systems (CHS) and Saint Thomas Health. Other major employers include The Kroger Co., human resources company Randstad, electronics and appliances insurance company Asurion, Nissan North America and Vanderbilt University.

Consider retiring most of your cold-weather gear

The city gets more than 200 days of sunshine a year and has a relatively humid climate, with hot and muggy summers. You’ll find more ice than snow, with only a handful of below-freezing days each year. So, you may need to change up your wardrobe after the move!

Ready to move to from Washington, D.C. to Nashville?

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