Moving from Tacoma, WA to Phoenix, AZ

What to expect when trekking from Tacoma to Phoenix 

Making a 1,400-mile move can feel intimidating, but it may help to know you aren’t alone. Lots of people are relocating to Phoenix, and for good reason. There’s no snow to shovel, very few allergy-reactive plants (which means higher air quality) and tons of activities to keep boredom at bay. 

So, if you’re concerned about leaving Tacoma for Phoenix, we’ve got you covered! See how the cities compare and check out some of the reasons to embrace your new home in the capital of The Grand Canyon State. 

Why the weather in Phoenix will make you happy 

Living near Puget Sound, you’re accustomed to precipitation, in the form of both rain and snow. In Arizona, you’ll have much less rainfall and lots more sunshine — roughly 300 days per year. That’s more than any other metro area in the country! No wonder The Valley (a common nickname for the Phoenix metro area) draws so many tourists. 

Here are some other things to consider about living in Phoenix:

Less pain

The average low temperature only dips into the lower 40’s. That means you won’t have to worry about cold days wreaking havoc on your joints, even during the winter. And, say goodbye to those frequent cold, rainy Pacific Northwest days — Phoenix averages less than 40 days of rain (without snow) per year.  

Much lower humidity 

While the drier air will feel great, your skin might need a bit of TLC while it adjusts to the lower humidity levels. Be sure to drink plenty of water to hydrate and apply generous amounts of shea butter or lotion to moisturize. 

Extreme heat in the summer 

While Tacoma summers are fairly mild, that’s obviously not the case in Phoenix. From June through August, expect the thermometer to reach between 100 and 106 degrees. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to keep cool: daily dips in pools and nearby lakes and rivers, wandering through air-conditioned malls, visiting the aquarium or zoo, and purchasing season passes to the area’s multiple water parks. 

A higher UV index 

The UV Index in The Valley typically ranges between 6 and 7 (on a scale of 0 to 10-plus). So, when the UVI on a given day seems higher than what you’re comfortable with, pick your sun protection of choice: hats, long sleeves, shaded areas, or sunscreen.  

Get more for your money in The Valley 

While the cost of living in Phoenix is above the national average, it offers residents a better value in comparison to similarly sized metro areas. Expect slightly lower overall costs – including about a 30-percent drop in housing prices — compared to Tacoma. 

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