Moving from St. Louis to Tampa, FL

Relocating 1,000 miles from St. Louis to Tampa 

Its cheap cost of living and central U.S. location has made St. Louis a desirable place to live. But there’s a lot to look forward to in the southeast corner of the country! Tampa is home to more than 386,000 people and some of the most beautiful, sunny skies. With its unique culture, fresh seafood and excellent weather, there’s something everyone can love. Ready to head south? Check out four things to know when moving from St. Louis to Tampa. Then, learn how U-Pack® can help you move. 

4 Awesome Things about Moving from St. Louis to Tampa 

It’s Sunny Year-Round 

Because of its central location, St. Louis has all kinds of weather. The summers can be hot and humid, and the winters can be bitterly cold. The city gets an average of 15 inches of snow each year. But, move to Tampa and experience gorgeous, year-round weather! The city averages 361 sunny days per year. Summers never get too hot, and winters are never too cold. It’s a sunshine paradise waiting just for you. 

Stunning Beaches are at Your Fingertips 

So there aren’t actually any beaches in Tampa, but St. Louis doesn’t have any either. The benefit of living in Tampa is that you can reach some of the world’s top-rated beaches in less than an hour. Definitely not something you can do in St. Louis — even if you fly. Some of the best ones to visit are Caladesi Island, Clearwater Beach and Sand Key Park. 

The Area has Three Professional Sports Teams 

St. Louis is home to two professional sports teams — the Cardinals (MLB) and the Blues (NHL). But, Tampa is home to three! Have fun cheering on the Buccaneers (NFL) Lightning (NHL) and Tampa Bay Rays (MLB). The energy is contagious.  
More Parks for Outdoor Adventures 

Love being outdoors? Not only is the weather better in Tampa, but the area also has more parks. Compared to St. Louis’s 108 parks covering almost 3,000 acres, Tampa has 178 parks spanning across 3,540 acres. From playgrounds and dog parks to skate parks and hiking trails, residents can enjoy the beautiful outdoors in a variety of ways. 

Move Long Distance with U-Pack

If you’re looking for a mover to get you from St. Louis to Tampa, try U-Pack! Our DIY service makes long-distance moving convenient and affordable. It works like this: 

  • We deliver a moving trailer or container to your home in St. Louis 
  • You get three business days to load (or load at the local service center
  • We drive the equipment to your new home in Tampa (estimated 2-5 business days)
  • You get three more business days to unload (or unload at our Tampa location) 
  • We pick up the empty equipment, and you settle into your new home and life 

Sounds easy, right? Check rates today with a free online quote or call 844-362-5303844-594-3077