Moving from St. Louis, MO to Seattle, WA

Moving from St. Louis, MO to Seattle, WA will be well worth the trip. St. Louis is the second-largest Missouri city with a population of 318,069, and Seattle compares as the largest city in Washington with 608,660 residents. Seattle is known for its musical history, developing such genres as jazz and grunge music and producing the careers of Ray Charles, Quincy Jones, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, and Pearl Jam, to name a few. After an economic revival, Seattle has become a model for sustainable development in promoting the “green” image that has become a trend in attracting new residents and keeping old ones. Seattle is located on Lake Washington, and is only 25 minutes from Des Moines, WA and 17 minutes from Shoreline, WA.

What you can expect from a move from St. Louis to Seattle: You can tough it out and drive the 2,119 miles over the course of 1 day and 10 hours to Seattle or choose to fly. The choice is yours. If you do choose to drive, you’ll need to take occasional breaks and, at one point or another, book a hotel room. You’ll be passing through the cities of Lincoln, NE, Rawlins, WY, Ogden, UT, Boise, ID, and Yakima, WA.

The weather in Seattle is very similar to the weather you’re accustomed to in St. Louis. Both cities will see near 40 inches of rain per year, as well as very little snowfall in the winter—Seattle, however, has much less annually than St. Louis. Seattle does have considerably cooler summers and considerably warmer winters. Both cities are known to reach into the 100s during summer months, though it is very uncommon.

Getting around in Seattle is gradually being taken over by public transportation in recent efforts to promote the “green” image of the city. In addition, Seattle has been ranked the 6th most walkable city in the nation by Walk Score. King County Metro serves the city and the surrounding city as a frequent stop bus service, and Sound Transit has express bus service, Sounder commuter rail lines, and a Central Link light rail line that connects downtown to Seattle-Tacoma Airport. In addition, Washington State Ferries operates the largest ferry network in the United States, with 22 ferries operated in Puget Sound.

Getting an education in Seattle through Seattle Public Schools or any of the fine universities and colleges will put you or your children on the path to success. The St. Louis Public Schools operate 77 schools with 25,000 students, approximately 20,000 less than Seattle Public Schools, which operates 97 schools district wide. Seattle University and the University of Washington, as well as City University, Antioch University, Cornish College of the Arts, and North Seattle Community College serve the area as the best destinations for higher education among Seattle residents.

Dining & entertainment in Seattle is never dull or sub-par; have you seen the Space Needle’s rotating restaurant? It isn’t the only premier dining experience, however, nor is it the only spectacle in the shining city of Seattle. The Ebelskiver Lady, Empire Espresso, Paseo, Serious Pie, and Piroshky Piroshky each have special qualities that make them some of the best choices for dining out. Now the entertaining part: Moore Theatre, the Henry Art Gallery, Olympic Sculpture Park, Safeco Field, Woodland Park Zoo, the Seattle Public Library, and of course, the Space Needle are all worthy of a visit—really, how could you resist?

Welcome to Seattle, a.k.a. “Emerald City”!

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