Moving from St. Louis, MO to Los Angeles, CA

Moving from the Gateway City to the City of Angels 

Are you planning to move from St. Louis to Los Angeles? Get ready for a big change! St. Louis with its mid-sized city charm, tasty barbecue and Cardinals baseball has been a fantastic place to live. But now L.A. is calling your name. The best way to describe life in L.A. is everything is “more.” More people. More expensive living costs. More businesses. More chances to see your favorite celebrity. And the list goes on! Keep reading about L.A. below, and learn about a self-service moving company to help you get there. 


Over 308,000 people, including yourself, call St. Louis home. But do you know how many people live in Los Angeles? Just 4 million — no big deal. That’s almost twice as much as the St. Louis metro population of 2.8 million! Get ready for busier streets, more highway congestion and less personal space. 


St. Louis has a strong business environment. The city is home to 16 Fortune 1000 headquarters and many of the nation’s largest private companies. But that’s still no match for Los Angeles. The City of Angels is home to 28 Fortune 500 headquarters and more than 244,000 businesses. The Walt Disney Company continues to be the area’s biggest economic contributor, followed by the healthcare and construction industries. No doubt moving to L.A. means business opportunities at every corner. 

Cost of Living 

It’s a good thing L.A. has plenty of high-paying jobs — you’ll need a good income to afford living there. While St. Louis has below average living expenses, you’ll experience a very high cost of living in Los Angeles. Sperling’s BestPlaces reports L.A. is 120% more expensive than St. Louis.


Seeing St. Louis from the Gateway Arch is an unforgettable experience, but living 6.5 miles from Hollywood is awesome. Founded in 1886, Hollywood is a world-famous tourist destination and historical site. Here are some fun things to see and do: 

  • Universal Studios Hollywood 
  • The Hollywood sign 
  • Paramount Pictures 
  • The Hollywood Walk of Fame 
  • The Dolby Theatre 

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