Moving from St. Louis, MO to Denver, CO

So you’re thinking about moving from St. Louis, MO to Denver, CO?

St. Louis, Missouri, with its famous and welcoming archway, is one of the focal points of the American Midwest. This quintessential city has an active heartbeat that draws a unique cross-section of different people. However, there are several other towns that have risen into the country’s consciousness over the decades. Denver is the center of much of Colorado activity. It is a beautiful location, nestled in the scenic Rocky Mountains. It is easily one of the most agreeable places to live in the nation. There are many reasons why you might recommend moving to Denver from St. Louis, and this article will help you see just a few of those.

What is the weather like in Denver?

St. Louis is a town that does have four seasons, that is to be sure. But it is at a distinct disadvantage to many western counterparts. St. Louis experiences the typically treacherous summers of that area of the country. Brutal temperatures average near 90 degrees. As difficult as all of that is to take, imagine that temperature with the patented Midwest humidity, and you have a city that isn’t always pleasant to live in.

Denver, by contrast, also has warm summers, but it has never experienced temperatures quite as extreme as St. Louis. In addition, their peak humidity percentage is a quarter less than St. Louis.’ That means that even when it’s hot, you don’t quite feel the heat. The same theory is the same for snowfall in Denver. Even though there is much more snow in Denver versus St. Louis, even the cold doesn’t feel as harsh due to the dryer atmosphere. Thanks to its location and elevation, Denver is overall a very pleasant place to live in.

Are the schools in Denver good?

Denver is one of the best places you could live in to get an education. Parents need not be concerned about whether or not their children are getting the highest quality in academics. The esteemed city school system has 73 campuses throughout the town, and there are 73,000 contained within the large system.

When it comes to higher educational institutions, there are also a variety of options for the Denver resident. Among the many prestigious colleges and universities are the University of Colorado Denver and Metropolitan State University of Colorado. The University of Denver was the town’s first collegiate institution. It opened in 1864. There are also schools like Wales University and Regis University. For associate degrees, aspiring students can attend the Community College of Denver.

The Denver Cyclists

If you’re in Denver, you’re going to want to own a bicycle. While a city like St. Louis is not as cyclist-friendly, Denver has made a point of making sure it is a place bicyclists can feel comfortable. The city is known for having a very “green” personality, which means that they make a point of taking care of the environment.

The city itself has ensured there are plenty of places to get bicycle exercise. There are 850 miles of both off-road and paved bike trails throughout Denver. This makes it the most bicycle-friendly town in the country. For commuters, the city also has a bike sharing program called B-Cycle. Each year has seen impressive growth as the program has steadily taken off from what was initially 400 bikes in the system. If you’re looking for a place that takes care of the air and your fitness, Denver is definitely the place for you.

What about parks and recreation in Denver?

It is no surprise that, living in such an incredibly environmentally friendly city, Denver would have one of the most scenic locations in the nation. Surrounding by the gorgeous Rocky Mountains, everywhere you turn in Denver there’s a beautiful view.

Among the many beautiful places to check out within the city are the many parks the town has to offer. The City Park is the most impressive at 330 acres. The space includes a boathouse, a zoo, duck lakes and the fascinating Denver Museum of Nature and Science. This is just one of the parks you can find in Denver, though. There are more than 200 in the city.

Washington Park and Chessman Park are two of the oldest parks in the city, and there are also many mountain-area spaces like the Red Rocks Park, which also includes an entertainment venue in the form of a 9,000-seat amphitheater. You’ll never run out of beautiful views and things to do in Denver!

How will you move to Denver?

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Welcome to your new home, Denver!

What are you waiting for? Beautiful Denver is calling your name. Pack your bags and leave St. Louis behind today!