Moving from St. Louis, MO to Dallas, TX

From the Gateway to the West to the Big D

Planning a move from St. Louis to Dallas? If you’ve enjoyed the vibrant big city life of St. Louis, then you won’t be disappointed with Dallas! The city is home to more than 1.3 million people and has a variety of amenities to make you feel right at home. Here’s what to expect when moving from St. Louis to Dallas.

Difference in weather

You can leave the bitter, cold, snowy winters behind when you move to Dallas. On average, the city experiences cooler, milder winters than those in St. Louis, and much less snow. While St. Louis sees about 15 inches of snow, Dallas rarely sees more than an inch of snow accumulation. You’ll also find that Dallas gets less rain and more sunny days. But, you’ll have to get used to the hot, dry and humid Texas summers. Typically July and August are the hottest times of the year in Dallas, with temperatures sitting in the high-90s most days — though it isn’t uncommon to see triple-digits in the summer. In the spring, you can enjoy getting out and about at area farmer’s markets, outdoor festivals and spring carnivals, but be on the lookout for severe storms during that time of year. 

Life in Dallas

So what gives? What makes Dallas so popular? Why do so many people live there? Well, it’s the fact that it has something for everyone. There are lots of jobs, educational opportunities and lots of things to do! If you’re a foodie, be sure to check out the variety of Tex-Mex, barbecue joints across the area. If you’re into the arts and culture, there are a number of museums in the area, including the Arts District, which is the largest contiguous arts district in the U.S. and home to several highly-regarded art galleries and museums. If you’re into sports, the Dallas-Fort Worth area is home to eight major sports franchises. Into the outdoors? The city operates 406 public parks and there are a number of hiking and camping destinations in the area. Need family-friendly things to do? Check out the Dallas Zoo, the Dallas World Aquarium or Six Flags Over Texas!

Employment options

Moving from St. Louis, you’re used to having a big job market and a stable economy. When you become a Dallas resident, you’ll still get all of that! Though the job opportunities in the two cities are a bit different, there’s still a lot to choose from. In Dallas, there are a lot of jobs in agriculture, manufacturing, construction and wholesale and retail trade. But there are lots of jobs in other fields as well, like in finance, banking, IT, administrative services, advertising, marketing, retail and more. 

Commuting in Dallas

Traffic is a bit more congested in Dallas than it is in St. Louis. Dallas residents spend an average of 24 minutes a day traveling to and from work easy (compared to the 17 minutes in St. Louis), according to a traffic study from GPS-mapping company TomTom

Moving with U-Pack®

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