Moving from Shreveport, LA to Dallas, TX

Leaving the Port City for Big D can open a whole new world! 

Shreveport sits at the convergence point of three states — Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana — drawing from each one to create its own unique identity. Life in the Ark-La-Tex region is rich in culture and flavor, but so is a much bigger city less than 200 miles west.  

Find out what to expect if you’re planning a move from Shreveport to Dallas. And if you’re worried about missing the public art, fun festivals and epic crawfish boils back in the Port City, it’s all good: You’ll still just be a 3-hour drive away! 

Step up from Shreveport and advance your career in Dallas 

The Dallas-Fort Worth metro area is one of the most diverse and fastest-growing regions in the country. Its sheer size (more than 7.2 million people) compared to Shreveport’s metro area (441,000) means incredible opportunities await! 

If you work in manufacturing, technology, health care or in the military (Barksdale Air Force Base) in Shreveport, it shouldn’t be hard to find a career fit in Dallas. The top industries in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex are health care, technology, financial services and defense. The area’s largest employers include Texas Health Resources, Bank of America Corporation and the AMR Corporation.  

An increase in pay will help offset the higher cost of living in Dallas. The average annual salary there is about $52,600, compared to $40,000 in Shreveport. 

Dallas offers more educational opportunities than Shreveport 

It is almost unfair to compare the education system that exists in Dallas with that of Shreveport because it’s tough for Shreveport to compete with the number of options that Dallas provides. There are a vast number of public education choices in the city, with 337 public schools, and there are also 89 private schools in the area. Among these is the School for the Talented and Gifted in the Oak Cliff district, which has been named among the best in the country by Newsweek Magazine. There are many options for additional study as well, with 32 libraries found throughout Dallas.

In addition, there are 38 higher education institutions in the town. The University of North Texas at Dallas is a popular choice, as is Dallas Baptist University. Texas Women’s University has several reputable programs, and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School is located in the city limits. Paul Quinn College has been located in Dallas since 1993, and the Dallas Theological Seminary is one of the most popular educational institutions of its kind.

Near Dallas are such well-known colleges as Southern Methodist University, the University of Texas at Arlington, Texas Christian University and the University of Dallas, which is actually located in the suburb of Irving.

Let U-Pack help you move from Shreveport to Dallas 

Dallas is a just a straight shot down I-20 West from Shreveport, but it’s a much more pleasant trip without driving a big rental truck. U-Pack® simplifies long-distance moving — you just pack and load, and we do all the driving! And with service center locations in both cities, we make your move easy, convenient and affordable. 

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