Moving from Shreveport, LA to Dallas, TX

So you’re thinking about moving from Shreveport, LA to Dallas, TX?

The say everything is bigger in Texas, and making a move from Shreveport, Louisiana to Dallas, Texas, would only help to illustrate that point. While Shreveport has seen an economic boom in recent years, it can’t compete with the shear size of opportunities afforded in Dallas. The city is one of the 10 most populous in the United States, and the metropolitan area, that also includes Fort Worth and Arlington, holds almost seven million people. Of all the cities in the South, there are few that have the amount of culture and business that Dallas has.

What is the weather like in Dallas?

Comparing weather in Shreveport and Dallas is a fairly lateral affair. While Shreveport has very slightly lower temperatures on average and slightly more rainfall, as well, the two cities, for the most part, have similar temperatures year-round. Dallas does, however, boast more sunshine hours throughout the year. What this essentially means is that when moving between the two places, a person will not have to adjust to a dramatically different climate. Instead, they will have the chance to enjoy similar weather and not have to change their wardrobe. At best, they’ll be enjoying more sunshine in Dallas throughout the year, and there will be fewer days where a raincoat will be necessary. Both towns experience warm summers and relatively mild winters. Once every few years, Dallas experiences major winter weather, though it is just enough of a taste so that citizens don’t tire of welcome appearance of snow and ice.

Are the schools in Dallas good?

It is almost unfair to compare the education system that exists in Dallas with that of Shreveport because it’s tough for Shreveport to compete with the number of options that Dallas provides. There are a vast number of public education choices in the city, with 337 public schools, and there are also 89 private schools in the area. Among these is the School for the Talented and Gifted in the Oak Cliff district, which has been named among the best in the country by Newsweek Magazine. There are many options for additional study as well, with 32 libraries found throughout Dallas.

In addition, there are 38 higher education institutions in the town. The University of North Texas at Dallas is a popular choice, as is Dallas Baptist University. Texas Women’s University has several reputable programs, and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School is located in the city limits. Paul Quinn College has been located in Dallas since 1993, and the Dallas Theological Seminary is one of the most popular educational institutions of its kind.

Near Dallas are such well-known colleges as Southern Methodist University, the University of Texas at Arlington, Texas Christian University and the University of Dallas, which is actually located in the suburb of Irving.

Sports in Dallas

Texas loves its sports teams, and Shreveport simply can’t compare with the volume of sporting events that are available for Dallas residents to enjoy all throughout the year. The Dallas Cowboys are one of the most popular football teams in the nation, having captured five Super Bowl titles in their history. The Texas Rangers always attract a large contingent of baseball fans every season. The Dallas Mavericks, meanwhile, held the NBA title for their basketball prowess in 2011 and have produced many of the league’s most famous players. For hockey fans there is the Dallas Stars, who won the Stanley Cup in 1999, and the FC Dallas MLS soccer team won the U.S. Open Cup in 1997.

What kind of job opportunities does Dallas have?

There are many different industries that are housed in Dallas. Among the top employers are AT&T, Dean Foods, Texas Instruments, Southwest Airlines and the Energy Future Holdings Corporation. The city is often cited for having many of the “Richest People in America,” with 17 billionaires located in Dallas as of 2011. Forbes Magazine noted that this makes it the city with the sixth most billionaires in the world. They also named Dallas the thirteenth “Best Place for Business and Careers.”

Dallas also holds the distinction of being a popular location for business travel, with the Dallas Convention Center being one of the largest of its kind in the country. At one million square feet, it is the largest column-free exhibit hall in the world.

Welcome to your new home, Dallas!

There is so much going on in Dallas it is a wonder you haven’t already moved there!

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