Moving from San Jose, CA to Seattle, WA

Trading tech centers? Explore your options in the Pacific Northwest 

San Jose, the largest city in Northern California, is considered the “Capital of Silicon Valley.” Tucked away 800 miles north is Seattle, another premier technology hub and the most populous metropolitan area in the Pacific Northwest. 

Planning to make Seattle your new home? Use this resource to help prepare you for the transition and find out about the easiest, most affordable way to move from San Jose

Career opportunities abound in every sector 

Like San Jose, Seattle has a strong economy and a low unemployment rate. Those who work in technology or manufacturing in San Jose will find ample opportunities in Seattle, where the biggest employers are Amazon, Boeing and Microsoft. Seattle also has a prominent non-tech presence with companies like Starbucks, Costco and Alaska Airlines. 

Get ready to experience actual seasons 

With 300 sunny days per year and an average annual high of 72 degrees, San Jose gets very little weather variation. This isn’t the case in Seattle, a city with four distinct seasons. While Seattle’s summers are spectacular (sunny with average highs of 75), expect cool air, gray skies and mist for at least half the year.  

Explorers love San Jose and Seattle 

Niche ranks Seattle No. 1 and San Jose No. 8 on its list of Best U.S. Cities for Outdoor Activities, and for good reason. 

San Jose is within a short drive of the Sierra Nevada range, beaches, world-class vineyards and, of course, San Francisco. As a Seattle resident, you’ll be able to continue your active lifestyle with plentiful green space in the city, Puget Sound and close proximity to national parks like Rainer, Olympic and North Cascades. 

Traffic: The toll paid for big-city living 

Traffic can be challenging in both cities, especially for commuters. The biggest difference: San Jose is more spread out while Seattle is walkable. And if you’re wary of driving in your new city, Seattle’s public transportation system — rated the best in the nation in a recent WalletHub study — helps ease traffic congestion. 

Please your palate with unique dining options 

San Jose and Seattle each have a diverse population base that lends itself to a variety of food choices. Miss your weekly trips to the San Pedro Square Market in downtown San Jose? Find new favorite vendors at Seattle’s Pike Place Market. And if you enjoy great seafood in the Bay Area, fear not: Seattle has some of the best in the country. 

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