Moving from San Jose, CA to Phoenix, AZ

Are you moving from San Jose, CA to Phoenix, AZ?

While both San Jose, California, and Phoenix, Arizona, are large, populous cities, they each have very distinct personalities. There is much to recommend about both towns, but what Phoenix has is something unique and appealing. It really is a place unlike any other town in the nation. While San Jose is definitely a large city with pleasant temperatures, it is far from being the most prominent city in its state. Phoenix, meanwhile, IS Arizona. If you live in Phoenix, you are living the state itself. Here are some of the highlights that make Phoenix one of the most preferred places to live.

What is the weather like in Phoenix?         

It should be admitted that San Jose is a very pleasant climate to live in. It is not, however, a city for people who love to bask in the heat. Phoenix is a city that was created for the people who love the simplicity of dessert vistas and warm temperatures. Coats don’t serve much of a purpose in Phoenix, which has an average annual temperature of 86.6 degrees. There also isn’t much of a need for an umbrella, since precipitation is not a frequent occurrence. When it comes to weather, Phoenix provides its residents with consistency. This allows you to save a significant amount of money on clothes every year. There’s no reason to hold on to heavy sweaters or rain jackets. Perhaps the best perk is that a healthy tan is possible the entire year round.

What’s unique about nature around Phoenix?

Phoenix’s best quality is probably the altogether different nature which surrounds it. If you love interesting landscapes and wildlife, then Phoenix is the place for you.

Phoenix boasts numerous animals which are unique to the area. Among these species are desert tortoises, javelina (wild pigs), roadrunners, bald eagles, Gila monsters, chuckwallas (large lizards), jaguars, bobcats and mountain lions. You can also occasionally find the startling, but non-venomous, California kingsnake in the general vicinity.

The vegetation in Phoenix is diverse, as well. There are many plants that are almost impossible to find in any other U.S. area than Phoenix. This includes certain types of palm trees, the prickly pear, choll cacti, ironwood and the giant saguaro cactus.

How is the economy like in Phoenix?

San Jose is certainly a growing city that is putting itself on the map in the economics arena of the United States. But, as mentioned earlier, Phoenix IS Arizona, so almost every aspect of the state’s booming economy finds its roots in the city. This extends across a large variety of industries. The surrounding area has a thriving farming community that mainly plants barley, wheat and alfalfa. Other popular areas of business include wholesale, health care, professional services, retail, real estate, waste management, construction, tourism and manufacturing. Manufacturing may be the most lucrative industry in Phoenix, with the production of aircraft parts, computers, chemicals, missiles, processed foods and electronic equipment happening throughout the town. Job growth has outpaced the nation in much of the last decade in Phoenix. It is often cited as one of the greatest cities in the country for job growth.

What kind of museums are in Phoenix?

San Jose is the type of city that has people that appreciate culture. It should be assumed, then, that any city they move to have a similar amount of culture offered to citizens. Phoenix, thankfully, has more than enough in the way of museums to keep residents both entertainment and enlightened. This includes the Children’s Museum of Phoenix, the Hall of Flame Firefighting Museum, the Arizona Capitol Museum, and the Musical Instrument Museum, which has the largest collection of musical instruments in the entire world. Since 1959, the Phoenix Art Museum has also been a popular attraction. It showcases over 17,000 pieces of art.

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