Moving from San Jose, CA to Austin, TX

Find professional and personal joy in Texas’ vibrant capital city  

Warm, sunny weather? Check. A thriving economy and job market? Yep. Affordability? Indeed. Whatever you’re seeking in your move from San Jose, CA to Austin, TX, chances are you’ll find it, and then some. 

Take a closer look at what Austin has to offer. Then, consider getting there with a company that simplifies long-distance relocations like yours. 

Think San Jose gets hot? Try an Austin summer 

Austin’s weather is similar to the Mediterranean climate of San Jose, only hotter and more humid in the summer. While droughts are common in San Jose, Austin gets more regular (though not much) rainfall and generally mild conditions throughout the year.  

‘Silicon Hills’ is growing and thriving 

Nicknamed “Silicon Hills” in the 1990s, Austin has become one the country’s top cities for venture capital investment. Technology professionals from San Jose will find a growing sector in Austin and education is also well represented with more than 24,000 staff members and faculty employed by the University of Texas. Other large Austin employers include H-E-B, Dell and Ascension Healthcare. 

Move from San Jose to Austin and get more for less 

In recent years, San Jose has become one of the most expensive cities the country in which to live. While Austin’s cost of living is rising to meet the influx of new residents, it remains a relative bargain compared to San Jose. Overall, Austin’s cost of living is 80 percent less than San Jose’s. And with no income tax in Texas, you’ll save even more. 

Join an eclectic group of residents who live life to the fullest 

Austin is a friendly, progressive, free-spirited city that places a premium on quality of life. Many find it to be an ideal place to achieve work/life balance — a bustling city filled with creative professionals that also offers incredible food, entertainment and recreational opportunities. 

Missing the cultural offerings in and around San Jose? On any given day in Austin, you can: 

  • Enjoy delicious breakfast tacos made by highly-skilled mobile food vendors 
  • Catch a rising band at a local bar in the “Live Music Capital of the World” 
  • Cool off in three beautiful lakes 
  • Attend world-class annual festivals celebrating music, tech and the arts 
  • Cheer on the Texas Longhorns football team with 100,000 other passionate fans 

Plus, Austin’s central location makes travel easy with daily direct flights to most major U.S. cities from Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. 

Move worry-free with U-Pack 

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