Moving from San Diego, CA to Portland, OR

Leaving the California coast for the Rose City  

Portland is the largest city in Oregon. While known for its awe-inspiring beauty, this city is also one of the country’s most eclectic — or as the locals affectionately call it, “weird.” U.S. News & World Report ranks Portland as the country’s 10th best place to live. People here are encouraged to create, invent, explore and just generally have fun in their pursuits, both personally and professionally. 

Planning a move from San Diego? Don’t worry! The Rose City provides just as many opportunities to enjoy culture and the outdoors. And while Portland may be “weird,” your long-distance relocation doesn’t have to be. We’ll introduce you to a unique company that can help you reduce the stress and excess spending that often comes with moving long distance. 

San Diego, Portland set standard for ‘green’ living 

In a recent study, WalletHub compared the country’s largest 100 cities across key indicators like greenhouse gas emissions, smart-energy policies and initiatives, and green job opportunities. San Diego and Portland emerged as two of the greenest cities in America. 

If you enjoy San Diego’s beaches, coastline and farmer’s markets, you’ll be eager to check out the Portland Saturday Market, as well as the 5,200-acre Forest Park, one of the largest urban forests in the U.S. The park overlooks Northwest Portland and features more than 80 miles of trails, fire lanes and forest roads. 

Having a car is helpful, but optional 

San Diego traffic can be a beast, especially during rush hours along Interstate 5. Only about 3 percent of the city’s 1.4 million residents use public transportation. But in Portland, which is also prone to traffic congestion (but has about half the population of San Diego), the locals are quicker to embrace alternate modes of transportation. 

Portland and Minneapolis, MN rank tied for ninth for the country’s best public transportation system by Metromile. TriMet, which provides bus, light rail and commuter rail transit services in the Portland metro area, reports that Portland-area residents take nearly 317,000 trips on TriMet each weekday. The city also has cultivated a strong bicycling culture with well-marked bike lanes and paths throughout the area. 

Develop (or continue) your passion for the outdoors 

It’s no secret that San Diego’s moderate year-round climate, miles of beaches and easy access to the Pacific Ocean make for almost ideal living conditions. 

But Portland has its own natural treasures. Seaside and Cannon Beach sit just 90 minutes west on the Oregon Coast, which offers 363 miles of rugged shoreline, tide pools, hiking trails and lighthouses. Meanwhile, for hiking and winter sports, Mount Hood is about an hour’s drive east. Those are easy day trips! 

Yes, Portland averages more than 160 days of rain per year, but it’s usually a light mist. Summers tend to be sunny and dry and winter temperatures rarely drop belong freezing. That means ample opportunities for exploring! 

Ready for your new adventure? Start with U-Pack 

Moving 1,100 miles from San Diego to Portland should be an exciting new chapter, not a chore to dread. If you’re stressed out by the thought of driving a big rental truck for two-plus days to your new home, there’s a better option. 

U-Pack® combines the freedom and cost savings of DIY moving with the ease of full-service moving. That means you save without having to drive! Just locate a service center near you, learn more and get a free quote for your customized move.