Moving from San Diego, CA to Portland, OR

So you’re thinking about moving from San Diego, CA to Portland, OR?

Portland is an up-and-coming city that has in recent years experienced significant growth. Portland’s population has risen 10 percent from 2000 to 2010! Of course, to anyone who knows Portland, this is no surprise. Portlanders are some of the most progressive, ahead-of-curve people in the nation. The city is known not only for its liberal outlook and green initiative, but also for its beautiful location and relatively mild, but seasonal, weather. For a San Diego resident who's looking for a city that's still hopping with activity, but offers a different vibe, Portland is the place to go.

Portland is going to be your ultimate choice for a new home, and this article will prove just how much more the city has to offer in comparison to San Diego.

What is the weather like in Portland?

Portland has one of the most interesting climates in the nation. A good descriptive word for Portland's weather would be "comfortable." Extremes are not something a Portlander has to deal with very often. The nice thing, though, is that unlike San Diego, there is more than just "warm" and "hot" in temperature. The city of Portland has seasons, and it manages to have those seasons without hitting degrees that are too cold or too hot. On average, most summers averages around 90 degrees, while the winters are around 40-50 degrees. Precipitation is common, but not excessive. While there is rain 155 days of the year, it is normally a very light drizzle, creating an atmosphere full of mood and creativity. Snow is also not uncommon during the winter months for those who look for the possibility of a white Christmas. Though, it is not a normal occurrence, so it’s not a nuisance for those who don't want to spend several months shoveling their driveways.

What are the people like in Portland?

Portland is a more established society, but still youthful in spirit. It is one of the best places you could find for your typical middle-aged family, with the median age around 35. While about 75 percent of the population is of Anglo-Saxon decent, an increase in work opportunities after World War II did bring significant percentages of other races to the city, including a sizable number of African Americans.

What’s the education system like in Portland?

Portland is also a well-educated city, with six esteemed public school districts serving the city and many other private school options available to families. When it comes to higher education, Portland State University, the University of Portland and Reed College are all popular options. In addition, those looking for an Associate's Degree could also turn to Portland Community College.

Both kids and adults alike can enjoy the educational advantages of the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), which offers courses, programs and exhibits in everything ranging from paleontology to physics.

What’s there to do in Portland?

Portland is a uniquely cultured city with many options in the way of entertainment. It is an artist's town in many ways. The Portland Art Museum is one of the 25 largest art museums in the country, and the city was named in 2006 number 10 on a list of the Best City Art Destination in America.

There are several festivals that take place annually in Portland that attract many people each year. Among those is the Portland Rose Festival, which takes great advantage of the city's plethora of roses. Roses grow especially well in the Portland climate, and as a result the city has gained the nickname of the "City of Roses." The largest outdoor beer craft festival in the United States, the Oregon Brewers Festival, is also held each July in Portland.

The community also offers many shopping and eating options, as well the country's largest new and used bookstore, Powell's City of Books.

Will I be able to find a job in Portland?

Portland is well positioned to host a large number of industries, providing many job opportunities for residents. With accessible resources, low-cost energy, the intersection of both West coast intercontinental railroads, international air terminals and shipping facilities, Portland is in a good position for a great economy. It is also worth noting that it is one of the leading cities in the country in its green initiative.

Portland is also one of the leading industries in footwear, with companies like Nike and Adidas basing their headquarters in the city limits. Portland is also the largest shipper of wheat in the U.S. Other industries that have significant presence in the city are steel and technology.

Moving to Portland soon?

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Take the Oregon Trail to Portland: your new home!

Did you know that Portland is based near the end of the original Oregon Trail? It's time you settled there as so many others did years ago and find what they found: a great place to call home!

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