Moving from San Diego, CA, to Honolulu, HI

Ready for island life in Hawaii?

Everything is smaller in Hawaii, from the landmass to the population. Capital city Honolulu’s metro population of 1.02 million is less than the city population of San Diego and about one-third the size of the city’s metro area.  

While the island is smaller with fewer people, that doesn’t mean it lacks opportunity. Let’s explore what you can expect when moving from the mainland to the Hawaiian Islands. 

Enjoy year-round tropical weather

You’re likely used to the mild weather in San Diego, and you can expect more of the same in Honolulu, only with a tropical twist. Temperatures typically stay between 68 and 87 degrees in Honolulu. Sunshine is similar in both cities, exceeding 265 days.  

You’ll notice a difference in precipitation. The average yearly rainfall in San Diego is around 12 inches, while Hawaii’s capital city gets approximately 49 inches annually. Honolulu is known for frequent, short showers, with rain falling around 195 days yearly, while San Diego only averages 38 rainy days. 

Embrace the Aloha Spirit and Hawaiian culture

In Hawaii, “Aloha” is more than just a salutation — it's a way of life. Native Hawaiians believe in the power of peace and harmony of body and spirit. Part of Hawaiian culture is respect for the land and sacred rituals. You can show respect by learning some of the native language. Here are several words you should know before moving to Honolulu: 

  • Aloha: hello, goodbye, love, compassion 
  • Kapu: forbidden or sacred 
  • Kokua: help or assistance 
  • Mahalo: thank you 
  • Malama: to care for or preserve 
  • ‘Ohana: family 

Working and learning in Honolulu

With telecommuting at an all-time high in the United States, it’s no surprise that many residents of Hawaii work from home for employers based on the mainland. But that doesn’t mean traditional, in-person employment is out. Honolulu is big on tourism, so you can find jobs in hospitality. Other key industries include aviation, banking and health care.  

The city has 33 public schools and 78 private schools for grades K-12. For higher education, there are 5 colleges and universities in Honolulu.

Move from the mainland with U-Pack

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