Moving from San Diego, CA to Honolulu, HI

Here’s what you can expect when moving from San Diego to Honolulu

Let’s be honest, moving from San Diego to Honolulu is simply a matter of trading in one of America’s most beautiful cities for another. Both cities are abundant with natural beauty and amazing places to see. You will be downsizing in population from San Diego’s population of 1.3 million to Honolulu’s population of 337,256. In the Hawaiian language, Honolulu translated literally means “place of shelter” and after moving here, you’re sure to fine this wonderful city to be just that. 

Life after moving from San Diego to Honolulu

While life in San Diego allowed you great access to the Pacific Ocean and Mexico, Honolulu won’t leave you empty handed. After moving to Honolulu, you can swim the magnificent waters of Waikiki, surf the North Shore, view the overwhelming beauty offered by the Nuuanu Pali Lookout, or take in the nightlife of Honolulu. This city offers some of the most exquisite dining, shopping, and playing you can find anywhere. 

The economy in Honolulu is strong and the city is a major financial center for the islands. Both city economies are strongly influenced by tourism, military, and trade.  After making the move from San Diego to Honolulu, you’ll find companies like Bank of Hawaii, Hawaii Pacific Health, Alexander & Baldwin, and Island Air all here along with many others. As the largest city of the Hawaiian Islands, Honolulu is the gateway for the islands and the many tourists that visit each year.

Daily living costs after moving from San Diego to Honolulu will vary.  While San Diego is a fairly expensive town to live in, be prepared because Honolulu is even more expensive. This city of great beauty also comes with a high price tag. Housing in Honolulu averages at $661,000 and apartment rentals average $2,600 per month.  Daily expenses are steep as well with coffee prices of $7.22, energy prices of $360.00, and eggs at $3.22. The bottom-line—be prepared financially before making your move. 

What can you expect in way of climate and geography after moving?  San Diego is known to have one of the top-ten best climates in the nation. Summers rarely reach temperatures above 76 F and winters are very mild.  Even though Honolulu summers are a little warmer at average temperatures of 90 F, the area lies in a tropical savanna climate which makes summers mostly dry. Honolulu has exquisite sunshine nearly all year and winters average 67 F. Both cities allow you the opportunity to experience the best of the Pacific Ocean, and while living in Honolulu you can swim among some of the warmest and crystal clear waters available. Being among the great outdoors is simply a way of life in Honolulu because here you can hike, swim, camp, and fish every day.

Moving from San Diego to Honolulu is an easy decision.  While living here, you can explore volcanoes, go island hopping, and even spend time whale watching. Honolulu is a place where the fragrant aromas in the air energize you, where the natural surroundings offer tranquility, and where the locals welcome you.  Welcome home to paradise!

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