Moving from San Diego, CA to Denver, CO

Enjoy the outdoors? Take your love of nature to new heights 

With miles of scenic Southern California coastline, beautiful beaches and an idyllic climate, San Diego offers its residents a picture-perfect backdrop. But for anyone who enjoys being outside, life in Denver can be just as awe-inspiring. What lies ahead as you prepare to move from America’s Finest City to the Mile High City? Take a closer look at how the two compare, then learn about an easy and affordable way to relocate. 

Step into a more diverse climate 

While San Diego has similar weather year-round — expect 70 degrees and sunshine on any given day — Denver offers four seasons. But it’s sunnier than you’d think, even in winter. Plus, Denver only gets marginally more rain than San Diego each year. 

Get out and explore 

Like San Diego (No. 30), Denver (No. 15) has been rated by Niche as one of the Best Cities for Outdoor Activities in America. It’s located at the base of the Rocky Mountains and you can get there in about an hour, but spots like Red Rocks Park (which includes the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheater) and Cherry Creek State Park are also popular recreation sites within 30 minutes of downtown Denver. All told, the city has more than 5,000 acres of parks, golf courses trails and playgrounds to enjoy. 

While you won’t be minutes from the ocean like you are in San Diego, there are multiple lakes and rivers within a short drive of Denver, along with an abundance of trail and hiking opportunities. And with more than 60 inches of snow annually, skiing and snowboarding options are plentiful during the winter and early spring. 

Expect a little more bang for your buck 

California has a progressive state income tax, but Colorado has a flat tax, which means all residents pay a certain percentage no matter how much they earn. This should help stretch your dollars when you consider that San Diego is the nation’s fourth-most-expensive place to live, according to U.S. News & World Report. While San Diego’s median home value is just over $600,000, Denver comes in at just under $400,000. The average rent ($1,300) is also about $400 less. 

You’ll never run out of things to do 

Denver’s population (706,000) is about half of San Diego’s, but there’s no shortage of big-city amenities. Diverse dining and entertainment options, along with professional teams in the four major sports, make it hard to be bored in the Mile High City. Looking to experience more within an easy day trip? Boulder, home of the University of Colorado, is less than 30 miles north. 

Start your new adventure with U-Pack 

Hauling all of your belongings 1,100 miles into the Rockies is no easy task. Why not leave it to the long-distance moving professionals at U-Pack®? We’ll handle the drive, freeing you to focus on packing and loading into our equipment. Travel from San Diego to Denver at your own pace while we deliver your stuff to your new home in less than a week. Check our coverage area for a service center near you and contact one of our helpful moving consultants today.