Moving from Sacramento, CA to Houston, TX

Are you moving from Sacramento, CA to Houston, TX?

There are many admirable qualities about California’s state capital, Sacramento. It is not, however, the type of bustling metropolis that Houston, Texas, has become. The city, which was named in honor of famed Texas Revolutionary Sam Houston, has grown into one of the most important cities in the nation. It is the fourth largest overall, and the advantages it offers are overwhelming. Let’s explore just why you might want to move from Sacramento, California, to Houston, Texas.

What is the weather like in Houston?

Sacramento is not the city that people think of when they describe California weather. The town does not stay 60 to 70 degrees all year long. In fact, its temperatures aren’t very much different from Houston. Houston, too, endures 90-degree heat throughout the summer months, with weather slipping to the 80s and 70s in September and October. Winters are a little bit colder in Sacramento, with lows dipping into the 40s and highs in the 50s, but spring brings the city squarely back into the 70s. The town, too, experiences plentiful sunshine, which isn’t unlike Houston, either. The largest difference between the two places is the amount of rainfall that they experience. Houston is a fairly wet city, largely due to its location close to the Gulf of Mexico. Sacramento receives more rainfall than most California towns with 18 inches. Houston gives its citizens rain, allowing for a far more lush landscape. It may seem as if the weather in Houston and Sacramento amounts to apples and oranges, but Houston’s consistent heat isn’t that polar to what Sacramento experiences. If you’re moving from one city to the other the only major difference you’ll probably register is the beautiful rainfall.    

What do the demographics look like in Houston?

There are very few cities in the nation that claim the kind of diversity Houston boasts. The city is impressive in that there are around 90 languages that are spoken. This showcases how Houston has just about every person imaginable sitting within their borders. While, not surprisingly, a quarter of residents each are Caucasian, African American, and Hispanic, there are also representation from a number of different areas of the world, with a strong population of various Asian cultures. It is also a youthful place, with a median population age of 31. Demographically, there isn’t a much more hip place to be than Houston, Texas.

How good are the school systems in Houston?

When a city is as large as Houston, you can bet that the education system is going to be astounding. Houston is no exception, whether you’re looking at the over 300 private schools or the 112 Magnet schools that the area houses, Houston has everything you need in the realm of education. The Houston Independent School District also benefits from being the seventh largest of its kind in the nation.

Once students complete primary and secondary education, they can go on to one of the town’s many prestigious universities. This includes Texas Southern University and Rice University. Rice is one of the most well-renewed research institutions in the country. There is also the aptly named University of Houston. You can see that there are no shortage of educational options in Houston.

Will I be able to entertain myself in Houston?

Houston is also a highly entertaining location, as well. The town’s greatest point of interest might very well be its long history with the space program. The Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center calls the city home, and it is a popular attraction for visitors and residents alike.

There are actually many fascinating sites to see in Houston, which also includes museums, ranging from institutions dedicated to the Holocaust to your neighborhood Natural Science museum. Performing arts are strong in Houston, too, with the Houston Symphony Orchestra and the Houston Grand Opera being just two of the many arts programs found in the city. Both of these venues call the Houston Theatre District, which is bursting with activity, their home.

Sports lovers will get a kick out of attending some of the athletic events in the city. In particular, there are the Houston Rockets, which represent the city in NBA Basketball. There is also the Texans, which play for the city in NFL football.

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