Moving from Pittsburgh, PA to Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix Rising: Leaving Pittsburgh for the Valley of the Sun

Heading out West is the ultimate fresh start for many people. Whether it’s for a job or just a change of scenery, moving from Pittsburgh to Phoenix is a big change. Is it right for you? To help you decide (or prepare), here are five reasons why people are flocking to Phoenix.

Five Benefits of Living in Phoenix


Pittsburgh has four distinct seasons, but many appreciate the health benefits gained from living in Phoenix’s desert climate. Phoenix gets more sunshine than any other U.S. metropolitan area, meaning you can enjoy your favorite outdoor activities year-round. And if you’ve grown tired of Pittsburgh’s rough winters, Phoenix will be a welcome relief.

Top-Ranked Job Market

ooking to further your career? According to a recent study, the Phoenix suburb of Scottsdale is America’s new land of opportunity. Pittsburgh checks in at 15th on that list. Economically, Phoenix is above the U.S. average for unemployment rate, recent job growth and future job growth.

Give Me Land, Lots of Land

Pittsburgh (300,000 population) is significantly smaller than Phoenix (1.6 million) but 45 percent more densely populated. If you’re looking for a place to escape crowds, Phoenix is hard to beat.

Getting Around Isn’t a Chore

With an average commute time of 27 minutes, Pittsburgh and Phoenix both hover around the national average. But Phoenix traffic isn’t hindered by the same extreme winter weather. And construction crews can work year-round in Phoenix, keeping things moving.


Phoenix’s diverse population has brought many different cultures to the region. Native American and Spanish influences are especially strong (Arizona was part of Mexico until the mid-1800s). The city’s food, festivals and architecture reflect that influence.

Moving Long-Distance With U-Pack

Don’t be intimidated by the 2,000-mile trek from Pittsburgh to Phoenix. With U-Pack, you control your move from start to finish, and we’ll do the driving. And with our network of service centers, you’ll get your belongings in less than a week. Call one of our professional consultants at 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to learn more or get a quick, free online quote.