Moving from Pittsburgh, PA to New York, NY

Pushing Off from Pittsburgh, Bound for New York City

Considering a move to New York City? You aren’t alone. One in every 38 people living in the U.S. resides in NYC, a cozy space shared by 8.6 million residents! New York’s population density will take some getting used to as you relocate from Pittsburgh, a city of 300,000. But that won’t be the only change. Even the locals will admit that NYC is also fast-paced and expensive.

The Steel City packs a lot bang for the buck, but that doesn’t mean you can’t savor the flavor of the Big Apple. Check out these tips for stretching your dollars in NYC.

Find Reasonable Housing

The average house in New York City costs about $400,000 – almost twice the national average. Rent can run more than $1,300 per month for a one-bedroom apartment. Browse Brooklyn, Queens or uptown Manhattan for the best deals. Tune in to the atmosphere that fits you best. As a bonus, living farther out provides a jumping-off point for exploring new parts of the city.

Give Up Your Car

Many locals elect to walk, bicycle or use public transit. An unlimited monthly Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) pass is about $117 per month. But you avoid parking, insurance, fuel, and vehicle maintenance costs – and the stress of driving in NYC!

Enjoy More Home-Cooked Meals

New York is a world-class food and coffee destination, but those splurges add up. Instead, shop in your neighborhood and prepare more meals at home. Invest in a good coffeemaker (or a French press) and some quality coffee, and you’ll be all set.

Skip the Gym Membership

With all that walking and biking, you probably won’t need it anyway!

Budget for Some Fun

What joy is living in New York without doing New York things? Check out a Broadway play, catch a concert at Madison Square Garden or visit a high-end movie house. Take in a Yankees or Mets game. Or to really save, explore Central Park or visit a world-class museum and leave the suggested donation (often anywhere from $1 to $10). Soak up New York’s energy! Just be sure to budget for it.

Let U-Pack Help With Your Move

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