Moving from Phoenix, AZ to Orlando, FL

Are you moving from Phoenix, AZ to Orlando, FL?

Orlando is the largest inland city in Florida, and one of the largest tourist centers in the United States! The city is home to several attractions, including Disney World, Gatorland, and Sea World Orlando. The city is a great place to call home, and you certainly will not regret making the move from Phoenix, AZ to Orlando, FL!

What will you find after moving from Phoenix to Orlando?
The following information will give you everything you need to know to see why making the move from Phoenix, AZ to Orlando, FL will be the best decision you have ever made!

What is the weather like in Orlando?         

The weather in Orlando is generally summed up as a hot and humid summer, and a warm and dry winter. The average summer high is usually in the lower 90s, and the winter lows are in the upper 50s. Orlando receives about 50+ inches of rainfall, mainly during the summer months. Compared to the sweltering desert surrounding Phoenix, Orlando is a beautiful and lush green city, that is much cooler, and much wetter. Your new home in Orlando will be a breath of fresh air!

Moving from Phoenix to Orlando with kids?

Compared to the Phoenix public schools, Orlando students have a much larger availability of educational opportunities not only in quantity, but also quality. Many of the Orlando public school teachers have either a master’s degrees or higher, and there are several magnet schools that specialize in specific fields of study increasing the amount of education students will receive before college. There are also several colleges and universities in the area including: University of Central Florida, Florida A&M University College of Law, Valencia College, and Seminole State College of Florida.

Will I be able to entertain myself in Orlando?

Orlando is one of the largest tourist cities in the United States, and therefore offers something for everyone! There is a major downtown area that is home to numerous local and smaller businesses providing hours of entertainment for visitors and locals alike, as well a huge amount of shopping centers. Orlando is also home to several amusement and theme parks like Walt Disney World, SeaWorld Orlando, Gatorworld, and Universal Studios Florida. You will never run out of things to do in Orlando!

How is the Orlando economy?

The main economic drivers in Orlando are, other than the tourism industry, the hi-tech, industrial industries, and the U.S. Military. Surprisingly, Orlando has the 7th largest research park in the country, employing well over 8,000 people. There is also a huge healthcare industry in the area, the largest in the state! The top employers in Orlando include: Central Florida Research Park, Lock-Heed Martin, General Dynamics, and Northrop Grumman.

Welcome to fabulous Orlando, FL!
Orlando is a beautiful city, that is clean, known for its mild and sunny temperatures year round, and has great schools, and a very diverse economy proven much stronger than Phoenix. You will love this great Floridian city, especially leaving the arid, sweltering deserts surrounding Phoenix! Congratulations on your new move from Phoenix, AZ to Orlando, FL!

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