Moving from Phoenix, AZ, to Houston, TX

Are You Moving from Phoenix, AZ, to Houston, TX?

Phoenix has a lot, but Houston has it all! In Houston, you will still enjoy year-round warmth, lots of sunshine, a cost of living well below the national average, excellent schools, and an economy of a size and scale that surpasses the earning power of some countries! Add to that, stellar mass transit for getting around, access to some of the top medical centers in the nation, and an abundance of recreational activities ranging from sports to live theatre, and you will understand why Houston has been consistently ranked on of the best cities in which to live. Tip your cowboy hat to Houston where a bright, sunny future lies ahead!

What will you find after moving from Phoenix to Houston?

The information below will help you realize why moving to Houston could be the best move you’ve ever made.

  • Climate – The hot, sunny climate that is synonymous with life in Phoenix is also synonymous with life in Houston. Summer highs that sometimes flirt with 100 degrees will make you feel like you never left Phoenix, and you will continue to enjoy mild, snow-free winters! Rainfall may be scarce in Phoenix, making for excessive dryness, but it is moderate and consistent in Houston.
  • Education – Seventeen school districts provide public education in the Houston area. The Houston Independent School District (HISD) provides the same academic innovation and excellence you have grown accustomed to in Phoenix. Indeed, HISD offers many charter schools and more than 100 magnet or schools that offer academic programs that specialize in areas like health care, the arts, and science. There are also more than 300 private schools to consider. Among the many colleges and universities located in and around Houston are several nationally recognized research schools, including the University of Houston and Rice University.
  • Entertainment – Like Phoenix, Houston is home to hundreds of golf courses and numerous parks and recreational areas you can enjoy year-round. Downtown Houston is ablaze with things to do, from the Bayou Place complex with its restaurants, clubs, live music, and cinema, to the underground tunnels lined with restaurants and shops. Speaking of shops, Houstonians are passionate about shopping whether it’s bargain hunting or browsing the more exclusive shops of the Galleria. Downtown Houston features a 17-block theatre district where you can enjoy performing arts to your heart’s content followed by a meal at your favorite restaurant and a night on the town! Sports lovers can follow a variety of professional, college, and interscholastic teams. There is no reason to ever be bored in moving from Phoenix to Houston!
  • Economy – Though traditionally associated with the oil industry, the Houston economy is a national and global powerhouse with a variety of sectors, including manufacturing, aeronautics, transportation and health care, fueling economic prosperity. Houston is also home to one of the most important and active ports in the country. Indeed, Houston is one of only a handful of cities that can boast a gross domestic product (GDP) greater than many countries! You will not be at a loss for places to work with so many Fortune500 companies, such as ConocoPhillips, Sysco, and FMC Technologies, headquartered in Houston. Top employers include AEI Services, US Oncology, Kinder Morgan Inc., Texas Children's Hospital, and Goodman Global.

Welcome to Fabulous Houston!

Whether you’re moving from Phoenix to Houston for a new career opportunity or to experience life in the Lone Star State, Houston could be the perfect new home for you!


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