Moving from Phoenix, AZ to Chicago, IL

Are you moving from Phoenix, AZ to Chicago, IL?

Chicago is the third largest city in the United States, and the largest in the American Midwest. The city was considered the seventh best in the whole world in a global cities index in 2012. You will not regret making the move from Phoenix, AZ to Chicago, IL!

What will you find after moving from Phoenix to Chicago?
The following information will give you everything you need to know to see why making the move from Phoenix, AZ to Chicago, IL will be the best decision you have ever made!

What is the climate like in Chicago?
The climate in Chicago has elements similar to both the American Midwest, and also the Great Lakes area being on the shore of Lake Michigan. Summers tend to be hot and humid, and winters are usually cold and snowy with mostly sunny days. The average summer high in Chicago is usually in the lower 90s, and upper 20s for winter time lows. Compared to Phoenix, Chicago receives a much larger amount of rainfall, and is much, much cooler than the Arizona desert promising more outdoor summer time fun.

How good are the educational systems in Chicago?

The public schools in Chicago are operated by the Chicago Public School System, which includes 675 public schools with a student population of around 500,000 students, 394 private schools, and 83 colleges. Compared to Phoenix, Chicago simply has more to offer in the way of education in both quantity, and quality. The area is known in the Midwest for both its public and private schools which receive top praise and scores in their respective categories. There are several colleges and universities (over 80!) in the area including: the University of Chicago, Northwestern University, Illinois Institute of Technology, and Olive-Harvey College.

How will I entertain myself in Chicago?

Chicago is a much larger city than Phoenix (in fact several times larger than Phoenix), and therefore obviously has much more to do than Phoenix ever could. Chicago has one of the largest fine arts districts in the United States with an abundance of theatres, museums, art galleries, and several performance venues for various groups. Chicago is also known, throughout the world, for being a center of food with an enormous amount of famous restaurants throughout the city. Chicago is also known as a sports city, in fact it was named the Best Sports City by The Sporting News in 1993, 2006, and 2010. You will never run out of things to do in Chicago!

What is Chicago’s economy like?

Chicago is the third largest economic center in the United States, and the fourth largest in the world, even larger than Paris and London. The largest part of the Chicago economy are the financial and banking industries, however the city has an incredibly diverse economy with large portions of almost every type of industry imaginable! Chicago is also a major retail center, having one of the largest percentages of shopping centers in the United States! Chicago, and the surrounding area, has the second largest labor pool in the nation with around 4.25 million workers. The top employers in the city include: Boeing, Baxter International, and Chase Bank. Compared to Phoenix there are more available jobs in Chicago by far.

Welcome to great Chicago, IL!

Compared to Phoenix, Chicago has cooler weather, surrounded by a lush green environment, much better than the arid desert of Phoenix, AZ. Chicago is also a much cleaner area, has much better schools, and is safer. You will not regret making the decision to move from Phoenix, AZ to Chicago, IL!

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