Moving from Omaha, NE to Kansas City, MO

So you’re thinking about moving from Omaha, NE to Kansas City, MO?

In a lot of ways, moving from Omaha, Nebraska to Kansas City, Missouri, may not seem like an overwhelmingly dramatic move. The two towns are not a great distance from one another, and they both would be classified as mid-sized cities. But the plains of Omaha and the hills of Kansas City lend themselves to very different environment. The two places each have unique cultures that separate them from one another, and they both have qualities that would make them very recommendable homes. If you’re considering a move from Omaha to Kansas City, this article will help you see just why the latter might be the perfect place for you to call home.

What is the weather like in Kansas City?

Omaha and Kansas City aren’t incredibly far from each other on a map, but their climates are slightly different. Both typically experience hot summers and cold winters and both have a fair amount of rainfall and snow. But you do benefit from a move to Kansas City from Omaha in the sense that you do receive less snowfall and the temperatures do not fall quite as dramatically in the wintertime. Average highs stay around the 40s during this time period. The town receives a few more inches of rainfall, which helps to make the surrounding area very pretty. The 13 inches of snow that does fall is enough to enjoy some beautiful winter weather without becoming sick of this type of precipitation or having it cause too many living inconveniences. It gets a little warmer in the summers in Kansas City compared to Omaha, but this can be seen as an advantage, too, since that means it is even easier to keep up your summer glow. Overall, there’s nothing about the climate that should inhibit you from moving to Kansas City.

Kansas City Barbecue

One of the best reasons to move to Kansas City from Omaha is the food. Kansas City is a great place to eat, and one of the best parts of their cuisine is the barbecue. Kansas City BBQ is a little bit different than any other style you’ve ever had, and the second you move you’ll find yourself hooked.

The inventor of the style was Henry Perry during the early part of the last century. He slow cooked the meat in a way that would soon become unique and special to his city. Over 100 years later, there are over 100 barbecue restaurants covering the town. One unique aspect of the style is how many different kinds of meat are used and offered. No matter if you want traditional beef, chicken, pork or turkey… or if you want to think outside the box and order fish or mutton, there’s a BBQ with your name on it. They’ll be served with the distinctive burnt ends the cuisine is famous for, and you’ll have to be sure to eat with one of Kansas City’s famous tomato-based sauces, which is known for being sweet and spicy. You’ll love eating in Kansas City!

How is the economy in Kansas City?

Kansas City also benefits from having a thriving economy that helps to bolster its appeal. The federal government has a strong presence in the town, and it is Kansas City’s largest employer. There is a large office for the Internal Revenue Service, for instance. During tax seasons, the IRS staff hands out balloons to around 4,000 people.

Ford Motor Company also has a foothold on the Kansas City economy, operating a large plant in nearby Claycomo. The overhaul facility for TWA/American Airlines is also in the town, located at the Kansas City International Airport. Sanofi-Aventis is a large drug manufacturing plant you can find in the town, and there are also agriculture companies like Dairy Farmers of America. You can find large law firms like Shook Hardy & Bacon in Kansas City, as well as the Veterans of Foreign Wars national headquarters. Some other businesses that are based in Kansas City include Applebee’s, Hostess Brands, Russell Stover Candies, AMC Theatres and Smith Electric Vehicles.

Education in Kansas City

Kansas is a very smart city to live in, and its mid-sized atmosphere guarantees young people a quality education. There are 16 school districts within the city, and there are both public and private schools which parents can choose to send their children. Many of these options are amongst the most esteemed in the state of Missouri,

In and around Kansas City you can also find many outlets for high education, from specialized schools like the Kansas City Art Institute, to prestigious colleges like Jesuit Rockburst University. There are also places like William Jewell College, the University of Missouri-Kansas City, Park University and the Saint Paul School of Technology.

Moving to Kansas City from Omaha

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Welcome to Kansas City, MO!

With an excellent economy, academics, weather and food, you certainly should try your hand at moving out of Omaha and into Kansas City!