Moving Companies in Omaha, NE

Moving from Omaha

Living in the “Gateway to the West” has been a journey you’ll never forget! You’ll miss the weather, the sunsets, the steaks, and so much more. But, you’re also looking forward to where life is taking you next. Why not let U-Pack® help make your transition from Nebraska easier?

Whether you’re moving from a house, apartment or college campus, U-Pack is an excellent option. We offer nationwide service, door-to-door delivery and fast transit times. Plus, you can get discounted professional packing supplies with free shipping through our online box store.

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Only in Omaha

Find out what makes your city stand out:

  • The College World Series. Cheer on the best teams in college baseball every June
  • Borsheims. Warren Buffet bought into Borsheims’ stock, and over time, Borsheims has become one of the biggest jewelry stores in America
  • Ted and Wally’s Ice Cream Shop. Ted and Wally’s offers premium handmade, vegan and keto ice cream available in regular and unusual flavors
  • Steak. Omaha steaks are legendary, attracting people from all over the country
  • Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium. Explore America’s largest indoor rainforest — the Lied Jungle


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