Moving from Omaha, NE to Denver, CO

Make the move from Omaha, NE to Denver, CO today!

Omaha is a one of the few major population areas in the vast state of Nebraska. Denver, meanwhile, is one of the metropolitan hubs of the West. Omaha is a great city with a great history, but when it comes to up-and-coming locations to live, it’s hard to beat Denver for sheer uniqueness. It is a progressive, cutting edge kind of place that allows the most free-thinking members of the country to have a sanctuary. There are many different reasons why you might recommend moving to Denver, and this article will review just a few of those reasons.

What is the weather like in Denver?

Omaha and Denver have some similarities in their weather patterns. They are both towns that lie near the middle of the United States, so they both experience a little bit of every season. The biggest temperature difference between the two places is that Denver has a warmer average low than Omaha, 50 degrees on average versus 40 degrees. Both cities average highs in the 60s for the year. It is clear from this average that, since both towns do have rather warm winters, then the winters must be pretty chilly. That is indeed the case. Uniquely, even though Omaha has a lower average temperature, they receive half as much snowfall as Denver. Denver gets over 50 degrees every year. If you’re a fan of snow, but would rather have days get to above freezing on the thermostat, then Denver might be the place for you. In addition, Denver’s warm summers don’t feel as warm as Omaha’s because the humidity is so low in the high-altitude Denver. Despite the prevalent snowfall, the city also benefits from more than 3,100 hours of sunlight annually. If you’re not a big fan of rain, there is good news in Denver. There is half as much rain, only about 14 inches per year. There are clearly some reasons to recommend the Denver weather to new residents.

Are the schools in Denver good?

Denver is a larger city than Omaha, and it has, as a result, even more educational opportunities than Omaha. This is definitely one of the advantages to living in a large metropolitan area in more-populated state. Among the numerous universities that students might choose for high education are the Metropolitan State University of Colorado, the University of Colorado Denver, Regis University, and the University of Denver.

If you’re concerned about how your children might make it to the collegiate level, Denver benefits from having a number of great public schools, as well. There are 73 different schools in the area educating roughly 73,000 students. If academics are a reason to recommend a city, Denver gets high marks!

The Green of Denver Transportation

Green is the word in Denver. It is the kind of city that environmentalists will love, and there are a number of different ways that this is showcased. Energy is a major portion of this preservationist society. Denver is trying to curb car commuting, reducing pollutants in the environment and making the world a little bit cleaner. Bicycles have emerged as one of the primary transportation devices in the city, and there are over 850 miles of paved and off-road bike baths for citizens to travel. The city has managed to step into the public consciousness with their bicycle initiative. The League of American Bicyclists has named Denver a “Bicycle Friendly Community.” This encouragement from national sources has only helped to bolster Denver’s bikers. It is now the city with the biggest bicycle-sharing network in the country, which is called “B-Cycle.” Denver is a city that is helping to change the Earth.

What is the scenery like in Denver?

One of the best reasons to recommend Denver might very well be the incredible landscapes that surround the city. Whereas Omaha sits in a city that is relatively flat and surrounded by farmland, Denver is full of beautiful scenery thanks to its mountainous location. There are a variety of parks and pathways for people to check out, helping to accentuate the Rockies.

This green city makes sure that residents have their main 330 acre city park to enjoy, which have a wealth of interesting activities. This includes a zoo, duck lakes and a boathouse. Inside the park you can find the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. That’s just one park of the more than 200 total in the city. Denver was one of the first cities in the nation to make beauty a requirement. The “City Beautiful Movement” that occurred at the turn of the 20th century led to the installation of about 200 parks in the town. Among the more interesting parks is Red Rocks, which holds a 900-seat amphitheater.

Next stop? Denver!

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Welcome to your new home, Denver!

With such beautiful areas, weather, education, and an environmentalist nature, there’s no reason you shouldn’t leave Omaha for Denver today!