Moving from Oakland, CA, to Des Plaines, IL

Making a 2,000-mile move to Des Plaines

Oakland, CA, and Des Plaines, IL, are about 2,124 miles away, and with this distance comes differences in climate, culture and cost of living. While Oakland is a city of 440,646, Des Plaines is much smaller, with 60,675 residents, according to the 2020 U.S. Census.  

But the smaller population doesn’t mean fewer opportunities. As a suburb of Chicago, Des Plaines is a popular destination for those who want small-town charm near the state’s largest city of nearly 2.75 million people. 

Invest in some winter gear

You can expect warmer summers and colder winters in Des Plaines, with average yearly temperatures ranging from 18 to 84 degrees, compared with Oakland’s annual average range of 44 to 75 degrees.  

There’s a bit more rain per year in Des Plaines, typically 36 inches, and you’ll get to experience winter precipitation since the city also averages 36 inches of snow annually. You didn’t need winter gear for Oakland winters with no snow, but you’ll definitely need it to handle winter in Illinois.  

Experience different culture

If you enjoyed visiting the Fox Oakland Theater in your old home in California, you won’t want to miss the historic Des Plaines Theatre built in 1925, which reopened in 2021 after the city invested in a major renovation.  

The diverse city is known for its friendliness and appreciation of the different cultures that make up its population. Enjoy the many biking and walking trails, community festivals, a vibrant downtown area and more than 100 restaurants with American and international cuisine, including the Rivers Casino. 

A lower cost of living in Des Plaines

While the cost of living in Des Plaines is a bit higher than the U.S. average — likely due to its proximity to Chicago — it is lower than living in Oakland (almost double the U.S. average). The job market is strong in the city and surrounding areas with opportunities in business, education, finance, health care, manufacturing and transportation.  

Des Plaines is known for its excellent public school system with a low student-to-teacher ratio and nearly twice as much spending per student as the national average. 

Let U-Pack help with a stress-free move to Illinois

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