Moving from Oakland, CA, to Austin, TX

Leaving the Bright Side of the Bay? Here’s the scoop on Hippie Haven

If you’re planning a move from Oakland, CA, find out what to expect as you prepare to join the wave of newcomers rolling into Austin.

Many come to seek professional opportunities

Austin has drawn corporations and small companies to the city with its business-friendly tax framework. The technology sector has grown by leaps and bounds in Austin, with startups launching alongside giants like Google, Apple, IBM, and Dell Technologies. Other popular career fields in Austin include:

  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Financial services
  • Insurance
  • Digital and creative media

With no state income tax in Texas (compared to one of the highest state income tax rates nationally in California), your money goes further in Austin.

Don’t forget to pack warm weather clothes

While Oakland’s proximity to the San Francisco Bay can bring a chilly breeze with many sunny days, expect more heat and humidity in Austin. The area sees rainy springs, multiple triple-digit days between May and September, and mild winters. Severe weather is rare. Year-round conditions are excellent for exploring the area’s natural beauty and attending the city’s many festivals.

Get around with your own vehicle

While Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) is an efficient and affordable way to get around Oakland and the surrounding cities, having a car is helpful in Austin, which covers a much larger area geographically. Navigating heavy traffic can be challenging in Austin, but it’s much less congested than Oakland, with a significantly lower average commute time.

If you prefer public transit, Capital Metro has bus routes throughout Austin and a commuter rail line, taxis and ride-sharing services. The downtown area is walkable and offers rental bikes and scooters.

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