Moving from New York, NY to Miami, FL

Making the move from New York, New York to Miami, FL

We’re here to tell you that you are not the first person who's wanted to escape New York City. What many do not realize is that there are many wonderful cities in the United States that give can give the same benefits as NYC without any of the drawbacks. Miami is one of the cities. Making the move from New York City to Miami, in fact, may be the smartest decision that you have ever made.

The weather in Miami is great!

One of the primary reasons why many move from New York City to Miami is because of the fantastic weather Miami provides. NYC and Miami are very different in their weather patterns. NYC is known for its harsh winters filled with snow-lined streets and freezing temperatures. Miami has never reported snowfall in the city. Period. When moving to Miami, there will never be a single day that a snow shovel will be necessary to cleanout your driveway.

Side note – Miami real estate

Speaking of driveways, it is far more likely that you might have a driveway to clean. New York City is largely a rental-based, apartment-style town. In order to live in an actual house, you have to move in the suburbs of the city. In Miami, owning your own plot of land is an attainable dream. In the last decade, the city enjoyed one of the largest real estate booms in its history.

Back to weather…

You asked about the weather. The temperatures are typically very warm throughout the year. Highs average from around 76 to 91 degrees, and the lowest it might get during the winter would be around 60 degrees. Yes, the layers of clothing you pile on during an NYC winter will no longer be necessary when you make the move from New York City to Miami. It's time to switch over to a much more lightweight wardrobe and enjoy the sun! Many residents of Miami spend their recreational time enjoying the many white, sandy beaches that surround the city. While NYC is also on the coast line and has nearby beaches, the number of warm, sunny days to spend at the beach is much more limited.

Miami does experience some precipitation. The rather high annual average of approximately 55 inches of rain helps to contribute to the city's very green, lush appearance. Miami has many open, grassy park areas to enjoy.

What is there to do in Miami?

Outside of the beaches and parks, Miami has many other types of activities and entertainment to offer. If you know you'll be missing the Lincoln Center in NYC, Miami has the next largest performing arts center in the country, the Adrienne Arsht Center. There are many artists, from musicians to actors to dancers, who are attracted to Miami for its rich culture. If you're a creative, you’ll be glad to know that the Florida Grand Opera, the Frost School of Music, and the New World School of the Arts are all located in the city.

The music scene in Miami is one of its main draws. To its highly Cuban heritage, such crazes as the conga and the rumba made their way into America through the community. There is a large influx of dance music in the city, including the Freestyle, which became popular during the 1980s and 90s. In addition, many music artists call Miami home, including Trick Daddy and Pitbull.

The NFL is represented in the city by the Miami Dolphins, and the NBA is represented by the Miami Heat. Hockey is also a popular sport in the city with the Florida Panthers, and those who are fans of MLB have the Miami Marlins to support.

In addition to all of these options, Miami also has many museums, restaurants and shopping districts that help to provide an endless string of things to do for any potential resident.

What’s Miami’s culture like?

As mentioned earlier, Miami is a city with a large influence from Cuban culture. One of the biggest differences when moving from New York City to Miami is the demographics. The largest minority population in the town is actually the majority in the city. In fact, 34 percent of the city has a heritage based in Cuba. There are also many people with Haitian, Columbian, Dominican and Honduran backgrounds. Around 45 percent of the city is Hispanic, and close to 33 percent is non-Hispanic.

There is also a significant number of Africa Americans in the city, making up almost 23 percent of Miami population. Clearly, Miami is unique city ethnically. This helps to contribute to its nickname as the "Capitol of Latin American" and its exciting, Latin-influenced culture.

What kind of job opportunities are there in Miami?

One of the most interesting job opportunities in Miami is the city’s position as one of the foremost cruise locations. This means that are many cruise companies that are based in the town. Among others, Carnival Cruise Lines calls Miami home. International business and trade are also bolstered by its costal position, with the Port of Miami and Miami International Airport serving as the primary ports of entry in the city.

Miami’s sandy beaches and tropical weather also help to contribute to a large tourist industry. Its location also makes it an important city for finance and business, with around 38 million visitors coming every year, many of them stopping in for conventions and conferences. For those interested in opportunities in the hotel and lodging field, Miami is definitely a city for you.

The city's Latin American population also positions it as one of the foremost cities in Hispanic industries in America. Telemundo and Univision and their respective production studios are located in the city, and other multinational companies like Visa International, Microsoft and Wal-Mart have their Latin American headquarters in Miami.

In addition, Miami is also one of the foremost leaders in the United States' green initiative, with Forbes Magazine recently naming the city America's cleanest.

Moving to Miami

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Welcome to Miami, your new home!

With warm weather, sandy beaches and an exciting Latin American vibe, its time for you to make the leap and move from New York City, NY and Miami, FL.