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Moving from New York City?

Moving in and our of New York is different from moving in other places, even other big cities. If you're considering truck rental, think about NYC traffic — between fast-paced city driving and trying to navigate one-way streets, driving a rental truck can be a tough way to move. There’s also full service companies that do everything for you, but they often come with a hefty price tag. If you’re looking to keep costs at a minimum, finding an affordable New York moving company is a must.

U-Pack is a moving service where you do the packing and loading, but we handle the driving. We service almost every area of the city including Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Bronx and more. And our unique approach keeps costs low. View our coverage map and get a quote to check serviceability to your new hometown.

Important Things to Note about New York Moves

If you’ve decided to go with U-Pack, take note of these details that will help make moving day a success:

  • Equipment. Note that for most areas of New York, the price listed on your quote will be for space in a moving trailer. While U-Pack does offer moving containers, many streets are too narrow to accommodate the flatbed trailer used to deliver them. Talk to your U-Pack moving consultant to verify available equipment options for your move.
  • Parking. You’ll need a place to park the moving equipment. Because ample overhead clearance is necessary, we require uncovered parking. If your apartment doesn’t have its own lot, you may need to reserve parking on the street. If you and your friends have cars, you can have them park in front of your building when you’re expecting delivery. You’ll need 3-4 car lengths of space to park the 28” moving trailer, and in most locations, you’ll be doing a “live load” so you’ll only need the parking spots for a short time.  A “live load” is where the truck and trailer are parked for four hours so you can unload your belongings. In some boroughs, the city may provide you with cones to block off parking spots as well.
  • Unloading. If possible, have someone stay with the truck on the street while you carry your belongings inside. If you have a “live load”, make a plan to get unloaded in your four-hour window.
  • Moving crews. We can refer you to experienced helpers who can assist in unloading your belongings at your apartment. For New York City moves, we recommend a crew of at least three people because of the limited time frame.
  • Freight elevators. Check with your landlord and find out if there’s a freight elevator in your building that you can reserve on moving day. These are often much larger than standard passenger elevators to make moving furniture and boxes much easier—plus you won’t hold up your neighbors or have to wait as they stop at multiple floors.
  • Moving permits. Often, customers ask if a moving permit is required from the city of New York. Thankfully, no permits are required for your actual move, but a parking permit might be required for the truck depending on where you plan to park it. Always check to find out if you need a parking permit from the city. As long as you secure safe, legal parking, our drivers will make sure to follow all parking laws.

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