Moving from New York, NY to Las Vegas, NV

Relocating to Las Vegas from NYC 

Moving from NYC to Vegas? Legendary foods, endless entertainment and luxury shopping — life in both cities often feels the same. But many things set Vegas apart. From its glamorous nightlife to the low cost of living, Las Vegas continues to be one of America’s fastest growing cities! Learn what to expect after moving, including weather differences and prime industries. 

City Comparison 


With more than 8.6 million people, NYC is the most populous city in the country. Vegas comes in as the 28th most-populated city with over 641,000 residents. But, more than 42 million tourists visit Vegas each year, so the crowds are similar to New York.  


It’s time to ditch the snow shovel; you won’t need it in Vegas. A light coat will get you through the winter in this desert climate. Summers are hot and dry with temps often reaching triple digits. Rainfall is scarce, but pop-up showers are possible. So while your favorite rain boots may not get as much use, it’s still good to keep them on standby. 


NYC is a global powerhouse for finance, retail, trade, fashion, and more. In Vegas, the primary economic boosters are tourism, gaming and entertainment. Because the state earns a lot of money through tourism, gambling and resorts, Nevada residents enjoy no state income tax. 


You may be leaving Broadway, but there is no shortage of outstanding shows in Vegas. Concerts, comedies, magic shows and more — there’s something for everyone to see! Las Vegas is also home to an exceptional nightlife, world-famous casinos, state-of-the-art museums, and plenty of outdoor activities. 

How to Move from New York to Vegas 

NYC to Vegas is 2,522 miles or 37 hours. Driving a rental truck that far is exhausting, and using a full-service mover is expensive. Instead, consider a self-move company like U-Pack®. You’ll pack and load, but we drive! This way, you can catch a flight or plan a fun cross-country road trip. 

Start the process with a free online quote. On moving day, we’ll deliver a trailer or container to your location in NYC. If parking is an issue, we may be able to do a live load, or you can load at a nearby service center. Call a U-Pack representative at 844-362-5303844-594-3077 to discuss your options.