Moving from New York, NY to Columbus, OH

Moving from New York, New York to Columbus, Ohio

Columbus is both the capital of and largest city in Ohio! If you’re moving from New York to Columbus, you will have to get used to a much smaller city since Columbus has a population of over 787,000 which, compared to New York City’s more than eight million, is fairly small. However, Columbus still has so much to offer! In 2012, Columbus was even named one of the 50 best cities in America by the magazine, BusinessWeek! So, come on over and enjoy great people, fun places to go, and so much more in Columbus!

The journey from New York to Columbus

If you decide to drive from New York to Columbus, you’ll be traveling through southern Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio! The scenic landscapes of these states should make your almost nine hour drive quite pleasant! Finally, after the over 530 mile long drive, you’ll make it to your new home in Columbus!

The Weather in Columbus

Fortunately, moving from New York to Columbus means that you won’t have to get used to extremely different weather! Columbus has hot, humid summers, like New York, with average highs in the low 80s and much of the 39.3 inches of rain the city receives each year falls during this time. Also, similar to New York, Columbus’s winters are fairly cool with average lows in the mid-20s and an average of 28.1 inches of snow annually!

Transportation in Columbus

If you plan to commute by car after moving from New York to Columbus, it should be easier in Columbus than it was in New York. For the most part, Columbus has less traffic than New York; however, Interstates 70 and 71 cross each other in downtown Columbus, which causes the most traffic congestion in the city particularly during rush hour. But if you want to take public transportation in Columbus, you’ll find that it will be more difficult than it was in New York. Columbus has neither a local rail nor an intercity rail, but bus service is provided by the Central Ohio Transit Authority. Additionally, bicycling has become more popular in Columbus because of off road bike paths, urban areas, and the flat landscapes of the city!

Colleges and Universities in Columbus

Ohio State University is the most well-known college in Columbus, and with an enrollment of over 56,000 students, it is the third largest college campus in the United States! Additionally, Ohio State offers a number of degree programs for bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees! Columbus is also home to Columbus State Community College, which provides over 50 two year degree programs to over 30,000 students as well as programs for students to complete the first two years of a bachelor’s degree! Columbus also has several private colleges and universities such as Franklin University, the Columbus College of Art and Design, and Bradford School!

Having Fun in Columbus

Even though Columbus is smaller than New York City, you’ll find, when moving from New York to Columbus, that it has so much to offer, especially in entertainment! Popular sports in Columbus include hockey with the National Hockey League’s Columbus Blue Jackets, soccer with Major League Soccer’s Columbus Crew and minor league baseball with the Columbus Clippers! Columbus also holds the Arnold Classic fitness expo and competition each year hosted by Arnold Schwarzenegger! For a fun day outdoors, check out the Inniswood Metro Gardens, which is a collection of public gardens, or Goodale Park! Also, be sure to see the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, whose Director Emeritus is the renowned zookeeper Jack Hanna! Great ways to experience the performing arts in Columbus include shows from Opera Columbus, CATCO (Contemporary American Theatre Company), BalletMet Columbus, the Columbus Symphony Orchestra and the Columbus Jazz Orchestra!

You’re sure to love “The Discovery City”! So hurry and get yourself moving from New York to Columbus!

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