Moving from New York, NY to Austin, TX

Why move from New York, NY to Austin, TX?

Austin sits in the central plains area of Texas, around an hour north of San Antonio, and two hours south of Dallas. The city is the southern most state capitol in the contiguous United States, and is also the second largest state capitol in the country. Ironically located in the heartland of one of the most conservative states in the country, Austin is by far one of the most liberal and progressive cities in the country. Residents, or Austinites, range from government employees and folk artist to professional ballet stars to high-tech professionals. The slogan “Keep Austin Weird” can be seen all over the city, and truly shows the identity of Austin’s culture. Between 2000 and 2006, Austin was the third fastest growing city in the US, and today it retains a steady growth rate. Make Austin, TX your new home, you will not regret it!

What is the climate like in Austin?

The Texas weather, although known for being hectic, is actually very nice. The summer highs average in the mid-90s, with a few days breaking over 100 degrees during July and August. Winter lows rarely ever go below the 30s, and snow is very uncommon, especially for a place like Austin. The average amount of annual rainfall is estimated at 34 inches, roughly the same seen in New York City. Austin is also noted for an estimated 59% of sunshine, placing in the same percentile with cities like Miami and San Francisco. Compared to New York City, Austin is hotter due to climate, but unlike NYC, Austin does not suffer from a metropolitan heat pocket where the concrete holds in all of the heat from the day, and remain hot throughout the night. Nights in Austin are often much cooler than in New York City, which only help the night life in the city flourish.

What about the cultural scene in Austin?

While Austin will not have as much to offer due to size as New York City, it’s certainly a very unique and independent city culturally speaking. Unlike New York City with its problem with crime, poverty, and various other problems, Austin is a cultural oasis in the heartland of rural Texas. With not only the highest internet usage in Texas, the FBI lists Austin as the second safest major city in the U.S., and the safest state capitol to call home. There are several performance venues ranging from patios at downtown bars to the professional Austin Symphony orchestra. Austin is known as the “Live music capitol of the world” with more music venues per capita than any other U.S. city. The local University of Texas at Austin Longhorns football team are a source of particular pride for Austinites, even those that are not sports fans, and many that call Austin their home partake in the fierce rivalry between the Longhorns and the Texas A&M Aggies. Austin’s cultural district, located on 6th street, makes up in quality what it lacks in quantity when compared to New York City. The sense of community and pride one feels calling Austin home is truly unlike any other city.

The Austin economy

The city of Austin is the anchor of the Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos metropolitan area, and the largest contributor the local economy by far is the high-tech industry (pumping around $85 billion annually). With several high-tech and computer businesses located in Austin, and in the neighboring Round Rock, the area is frequently referred to as the “Silicon Hills” showing its relation to the “Silicon-Valley” near San Francisco. Housing in and around Austin, however is far less expensive than what is seen around San Francisco, leading many major corporations and their owners to leave California and make new lives in the Austin area. Being the capitol, Austin also has a major sector of its economy dedicated to the government, and the state and federal government contribute another several billion and thousands of jobs to the area.

Moving to Austin

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Why wouldn’t you make Austin your new home?

Ranked by the FBI as the second safest major U.S. city, and also known for a successful and growing economy, why wouldn’t you want to make Austin your home? The city is an icon for modern American culture, and is so very truly unique among other cities its size. Austin is just big enough to give you everything you could want in a big city, yet small enough to give you that sense of community and togetherness that is not even possible in NYC. Make the move from New York, NY to Austin, TX –you will not regret it!